Joshua Poythress, Martins Brandon Parish, Virginia 1739

Will of Joshua Poythress

Virginia State Archives Acc. 23849, Joshua Poythress of Martin’s Brandon Parish, Prince George County; Prince George Co. Order Bk. 1737-40, p. 400.

Land I live on, bought from Mrs. Elizabeth Duke and Capt. John Hardyman to my sons Joshua and William, to be equally divided. All land on the Nottaway in Surry County likewise to be equally divided. To grandaughter Harwood, 50£. To son Littlebury 20 shillings, and other sons are to keep him during his lifetime. All the rest of estate to be equally divided between wife and five children: Joshua, William, Ann Poythress, Elizabeth Poythress and Mary Poythress. Brothers William and Robert Poythress, and friends and relations Richard Bland, Thomas Poythress, and John Woodlief to divide the estate. Executors- brother Robert and cozen Thomas Poythress

Dated 17 January 1739

Wit: Ann Bland, Christian Poythress, and Richard Bland.