John Poythress of Martins Brandon Parish, Virginia 1724

Will of John Poythress

To my son John, my plantation where I now live, 100 acres; also 100 acres adjacent called Colebrook, taking in Ivey Point, running down to Hugh Evans spring bottom, to Walter Stainback’s, also a tract on the south side of the main branch of Blackwater Swamp, not debarring my brothers Francis and William Poythress from getting their timber for their plantation use. To son Francis, land at a place called The Brick Chimneys, next to my son John and brother Thomas. If he dies before age 21, my son William is to get it. To two sons John and Francis a tract of 280 acres, next to Thomas Poythress & Thomas Lovesay, formerly belonging to Joseph Patterson and called Powells, to go to my son John if William dies before age 21. To son John, items, also to sons William and Francis. To wife Mary, various items 400 acres to be patented in the woods for son William. To daughter Rebecca Poythress, 1 negro, items. To daughter Elizabeth Poythress, same. To daughter Ann Poythress, same.

Executors: Robert Poythress and John Woodlief pasture (pasture…sic and ?)

Wit: Francis Epes, Jr.

William Stainback John Poythress (ls)

John Winningham

Recorded May 12, 1724

Submitted by Maynard Poythress