John Poythress, Jr., Brunswick Co. Virginia: 1760 Inventory

Submitted By Lyn Poythress Baird: The following is a transcription of the 1760 inventory of John Poythress of Brunswick County, Virginia, done this month by my mother, Beatrice Poythress Baird, from the original in the office of the clerk in Lawrenceville: Brunswick WB 3, p. 341.

Notes: Mother comments that the original document is very, very difficult to read and that she is unable to make a photocopy. I assume this means either the office does not permit it or the page is simply too poor to transfer. Also, she is uncertain of the “Jr.” It could be “Dr.” instead, or something else.

I will also add my thanks to Maynard Poythress, Linda Sparks Starr and Caroline Burnett Cook for the help with my technical questions about use of the “To” and the quotation mark. My best understanding is that “To” is an accounting term of uncertain origin, approximately translated “Item”, and that the quotation mark is just a variously chosen separation between pounds, shillings and pence.

An Inventory and Appraisment of John Portess, Jr. 

To three shirts, and 3 caps

1″ 17″ 0

To Sunday Cloaths

0″ 0″ 0

To 1 pr of show buckels and ring

1″ 0″ 0

To Taylor, Tools and Handkerchiefs

0″ 10″ 0

To 1 Shoes & Hatt

0″ 10″ 0

To 1 great Coat and Jack Coat

0″ 10″ 0

To 1 Saddle and Bridle

0″ 13″ 0

To 1 Horse

3″ 10″ 0

To 1 Case Rasors

0″ 1″ 0

To 1 pr. gloves and bags

0″ 3″ 9

11″ 11″ 9

Excepted – Thos. Morris – Richard Blanks & Jirgens Blanks.Returned into Brunswick County Court this ____ Day of June 1760 and ordered to be recorded.

Teste: John Robinson