Historical Account: Poythress Business Destroyed in 1906 Meridian, Mississippi Tornado

Below is a paragraph from a news report in the Times-Picayune on March 3rd, 1906 describing a repair coincidence that may have spared the lives or serious injury of 20 workers at the Meridian Planing Mill, G.W. Poythress president, when a tornado tore though Meridian, Mississippi, demolishing large swaths of the city — including the mill.

Headline: A Large Section Of Meridian Laid Waste By A Tornado. A Score of Persons Killed, Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana) • 03-04-1906 • Page 3; Provider: NewsBank/Readex, Database: America’s Historical Newspapers, SQN: 12287167DB2547A0

Below is the pertinent paragraph from the news account…

Meridian Tornado Poythress Impact

A Google search will yield photos of the destruction and news stories about the event.