Richmond, VA Hollywood Cemetery

About Hollywood Cemetery: “Much more than a cemetery, Hollywood is a living story in stone, iron, and landscape. It recalls Virginians of bygone years whose lives shaped and influenced our own. With stunning views, Hollywood overlooks the James River, near the site where Captain Christopher Newport planted a wooden cross a few weeks after the founding of Jamestown. Hollywood Cemetery was designed in 1847 by the noted architect, John Notman of Philadelphia, and has been operating as a cemetery in Richmond since 1849.” (

Cemetery Website:

1. Charlotte Poythress June, 26, 1897
2. Pat H. Poythress Oct 28, 1901
3. Charlotte R. Poythress Sep 6, 1906 (Charles)
4. Charles R. Poythress Oct 28, 1901 (Charlotte)
5. Walter E. Poythress March 23, 1911
6. William P. Poythress Jun 5, 1920 (stone)
7. Miss Sallie R. Poythress Feb 1, 1927 (slate)
8. Mrs. Louisa C. Poythress Oct 19, 1927

This is a family plot, not in the Confederate part. This Charlotte was the head matron at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, VA.