transcription by Barbara Ellen Poythress Neal

The record below is transcribed from a February 1995 examination of an original handwritten transcription done on 9 August 1938 by Ben Edward Poythress, Jr.  The second and third pages listed below (front and back of one sheet) are the family record of James Edward Poythress and his wife Catherine Speed Preston who married in Brunswick County, Virginia on 26 February 1828 and who moved from Mecklenburg County, Virginia in 1853 to Sumter County, Alabama with their eight children.  The first page, dated at the bottom of the sheet as 6 February 1828 (just prior to their marriage), was apparently from a copy which the couple had made (or which they were given) of the family record of the Joshua Preston family into which Catherine had been born in 1800.

As stated at the end of the 3-page document, Ben Edward Poythress, Jr. made his original handwritten transcription 9 August 1938 and he intended to sign it the following day on his 18th birthday, 10 August 1938, perhaps with witnesses since he left three lines under “Signed by.”  When making that handwritten transcription, Poythress used a quill pen (with green ink) and attempted to duplicate both the handwriting and the format in which the original record was written.  The middle names which here are typed above the middle initials on the James E. Poythress record are written in the same handwriting and with the same green ink and quill pen but are written smaller, squeezed above the middle initial of the names originally written; thus the middle names are the most difficult names to now read.  Where letters/numerals are underlined below, Poythress in his original 1938 transcription had traced over a few portions with a black fountainpen to clarify what he could then see by using a magnifying glass to examine the original record.  Where a smaller font is used below, Poythress has in 1994 added information with a black ballpoint pen in an effort to clarify his 1938 transcription.  Each 8.5″ x 14″ page was ruled down the center with the green ink, and single/double lines were drawn across the page with green ink where single/double lines are here indicated.   Ben Edward Poythress, Jr. died 8 Feb 1998 in Petersburg, Virginia.  The original quill and ink transcription he made in 1938 is maintained in his family, as of 2002.
When Poythress made his 1938 transcription, the original family record he was copying was then held by his uncle, Nathan Hamet Poythress, who was born to Algernon Edward Poythress and Ellen B. McKinley 30 July 1878 in Sumter County, Alabama, and who died 18 March 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.  As stated at the bottom of Poythress’ transcription, that original family record was represented to him as having been written/transcribed by Algernon Edward Poythress; that family record by A. E. Poythress has unfortunately not been located by his descendants since N. H. Poythress’ death.


 Family Record of the Poythress’ & Prestons
Births Deaths
Ages of Joshua Preston’s Children
Jones Preston was born September 7th, 1795 in Brunswick, Cty, Va. Died March 4th, 1850 in Tennessee
Frances Preston was born April 17th 1796 in Brusnwick, Cty, Va.  Died January 25th, 1825 in Brunswick Cty, Va.
Nelly Preston was born Sept. 17th 1798    Brunswick, Cty, Va.        Nellie Cleaton
Catherine S. Preston was born Jan. 20th 1800 in Brunswick, Cty. Va. Died in Oct. 1884 in Sumter, Cty. Ala.
Nathan F. Preston was born August — 1802 in Brunswick, Cty, Va. Died 1851 in Baker, Cty, Georgia

Jones Preston Married Rebecca Sargett

                                                                       Stanley Frances Preston Married Benjamin Stanley                                                       Jan. 15th 1824
Nelly Preston married John Cleaton, Oct.,1822                                                       Cleaton
Catherine Preston married, James E. Poythress Feb 26th 1828



                   Births Deaths
         Family Record of J. E. Poythress
        Edward James E. Poythress was born August 13th, 1803                In Mecklenburg, Cty, Va. Died January 17th 1863 In Sumterville, Sumter Cty, Ala
    Speed Catherine S. Preston was born     January 20th 1800 In Brunswick     Cty, Va., and was married to James E. Poythress Feb. 6, 1828                                                 1828 Died October 1884January [sic]His wife d [sic]
    Lewis Joshua L. Poythress was born Nov. 10th, 1828, in  Mecklenburg, Cty, Va.   Died June 12th, 1854 In Sumter Cty, Ala.His wife died June 1st, 1859
    Francis Nathan F. Poythress was         born Oct. 18th 1830 in Mecklenburg, Va.  Died March 11th 1862 In Charlottsville, Va.
    Huel William H. Poythress was born Dec. 10th 10th [sic] 1832 Mecklenburg, Va.  Died June 26th 1854 In Sumter Cty, Ala
    Jane Catherine J. Poythress  was born Aug. 10th, 1838 in Mecklenburg, Va.  Died at Binnsville, Miss. in 1889
    Barter Jane Rebecca B. J. Poythress was born November 10th, 1840in Mecklenburg, Va. 1840 Died
    Frances Penelope F. Poythress was        born Aug. 4th, 1843 in Mecklenburg, Cty, Va. Died Dec. 1915 Meridian, Miss.
    Edward Algernon E. Poythress            was born Aug. 12th, 1844  in Mecklenburg, Cty, Va. Died April 11, 1918 in Meridian, Miss.
    Priscilla Virenda P. Poythress wasborn Feb. 19, 1848 in Mecklenburg, Cty, Va.



Births Deaths
          Huel William H. Poythress, Jr. Son of Joshua L. Poythress   & Elizabeth J. Poythress was born Nov. 30th, 1853 In Sumter, Cty, Ala Died July 21st, 1854 in Sumpter, Cty, Ala


Joshua L. Poythress and Elizabeth J. Crowder

were married Oct. 17th, 1852, in Mecklenburg,


Catherine J. Poythress and William Gilbert

were married Apr. 24, 1856

Rebecca B. J. Poythress and John D. Lavendar

were married Dec. 20th 1860

      Penelope Penelope F. Poythress and David L. Bennett, were married Feb. 7th, 1867
Algernon E. Poythress and Ellen B. McKinley were married Aug. 25th 1868
V. P. Poythress and Robert N. McKinley were married Jan. 20th, 1869
The Last of J. E. Poythress Family         Last 5 were married in Sumter Cty, Ala. This resume’ was written by A. E. Poythress, father of Ben Edward Poythress, and my grandfather.  This copy, made this day of August 9, 1938, and signed this day of August 10th, 1938, my 18th birthday                            Signed By