Lieutenant William Poythress Sketch

Note:  The provenance of this image is not confirmed. Not dated.

PDF of sketch showing notation indicating this a professional photographic copy made in Louisville, KY

Image copy documentation:  Hess, Louisville Ky, Copy

Below is the most detailed appraisal to date contributed to the Poythress mailing list.

William Poythress, son of Robert Poythress, 4th Generation

Michael TutorSun, 15 Jan 2006

This William Poythress would be the only other candidate to be the
Lieutenant William Poythress in the line sketch on the Poythress website.
This William would have been in his forties at the time of the portrait
whereas his cousin, William Poythress, who received the land in Kentucky,
was in his twenties.

The Fourth Generation: William Poythress, son of Robert Poythress
R. Bolling Batte on William Poythress
[283 William Poythress. His existence would not have been known except for a
statement made in a 1793 Chesterfield deed given by Tabitha (Poythress 285)
Randolph to the effect that her father Robert Poythress 28 had by his will
left property to his sons Robert, Peter, and William Poythress.]

William Poythress was born about 1737, in Prince George County, the son of
Robert Poythress and Elizabeth (Cocke?). He died before April 12, 1787. He
married Elizabeth —— (1741-1783) and they were the parents of Elizabeth
Poythress (1765-1818) who married Anthony Peniston (1764-1797).

On September 13, 1743, the Will of William’s father, Mr. Robert Poythress,
of Martin’s Brandon parish, in Prince George County, was proved by Richard
Bland, William Batte and William Poythress. Robert appointed his brother,
William Poythress, Colonel Richard Bland and Mr. John Gilliam to divide his
estate. He appointed his wife, Elizabeth, and his sons, Robert and Peter to
be executors of his Will. He gave his son, William, all of his lands lying
between Monkoes Neck and Nottaway which he bought from Captain Thomas
Bolling and all of his lands in Amelia County contiguous to William Stone’s
land, and nine negroes, Phillis, Seanah, Gambia, Caesar, Pheby, Kate, Pat
and Pompey. His son also received 1/4th of his furniture, a share of the
stocks and 1/4th share of the remainder of his estate. The court was held at

Robert Poythress (I) received 350 acres at the Indian swamp from his father,
John Poythress, in his December 11, 1712, Will. On May 9, 1717, Robert
Poythress (I) bought 500 acres, in Prince George County, from Stith Bolling.
On September 12, 1721, Robert exchanged 267 acres with William Parham for
100 acres in Martins Brandon, Prince George County. On March 22, 1732,
Robert leased 267 acres at the Indian swamp to John Parham. On September 28,
1728, Robert bought 291 acres at the Butterwood swamp, in Prince George
County, which he left to his son, Captain Robert Poythress, in his 1743
Will. On July 12, 1735, Robert bought 600 acres from his brother, David
Poythress, part of which, Tanotoro, was left by John Poythress to his son,
David Poythress, in his 1712 Will. Robert left this land to his son, Colonel
Peter Poythress, in his 1743 Will. On September 28, 1728, Robert had land
adjacent to the 297 acres bought by Robert Glover, in Prince George County.
He left this property to his son, Colonel Peter Poythress, in his 1743 Will.
On June 17, 1735, Robert bought 412 acres, in Surry County, from Thomas
Bolling, Mariner, which he left to his son, William Poythress, in his 1743
Will. On June 1, 1741, Robert bought 400 acres, in Amelia county, that he
left to his son, William, in his 1743 Will.

Professional Life
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume 69,
p. 181. Mrs. Nellie Hazen Gough. DAR ID Number: 68491. Born in Newburgh,
Indiana, wife of Eugene H. Gough. Descendant of Solomon Hazen and Lieutenant
William Poythress. Daughter of Gaines H. Hazen (b. 1847) and Emma J. Beatley
(b. 1857), his wife. Granddaughter of Albert Hazen and Eliza Roberts, his
wife; James Madison Beatley (1815-1865) and Ann Peniston (1823-1900), his
wife, married 1837. Gr-granddaughter of Zavan Hazen and Abigail Patterson,
his wife; Francis P. Peniston (1794-1824) and Hannah S. Moore (1796-1823),
his wife, married 1815. Gr-gr-granddaughter of Solomon Hazen and Theodora
Pease, his wife; Anthony Peniston (1764-1797) and Elizabeth Poythress (b.
1765), his wife, married 1783. Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of William Poythress
and Elizabeth – (1741-1783), his wife, married 1758. Solomon Hazen
(1759-1849) enlisted, 1777, in Captain Joshua Hazen’s company, Colonel Peter
Olcott’s regiment from Vermont. He was born in Woodbury, Connecticut; died
in Hartford, Vermont. William Poythress (1741-1783) served as lieutenant in
1st Continental artillery, Virginia Line. He was born in Virginia.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume
148, p. 93. Mrs. Marguerite Aley Stouse.147297. Born in Denver, Colorado, wife of Henry Stouse. Descendant of Lieut. William Poythress, as follows: 1. Theodore Benedict Aley (1859-1895)
married 1866 Minnie Wathen (b. 1867). 2. Calvin R. Aley (1833-1894) married
1858 Susan Louise Beatley (b. 1838). 3. James Madison Beatley (1813-1865)
married 1837 Ann Peniston (1823-1900). 4. Francis Poythress Peniston
(1794-1824) married 1815 Hannah Satterwhite Moore (1796-1823). 5. Anthony
Peniston (1764-1797) married 1783 Elizabeth Poythress (1765-1818). 6.
William Poythress married 1758 Elizabeth – (1741-1783). William Poythress
(1737-1783) was 1st lieutenant of artillery in the Virginia Continental
Line. He was born and died in Virginia.

Commissions wanted for the Officers in Colonel Charles Harrison’s Regiment
of Artillery: Captain Drury Ragsdale.etc. William Poythress, 1st Lieutenant,
November 21st, 1777, promoted by the resignation of Lieutenant Dudley.”
(Papers of the Continental Congress, M247, r93, 178, v5, p. 167). This
Charles Harrison may have been born in 1738, the son of Benjamin Harrison IV
and Anne Carter. Benjamin Harrison IV was killed July 12, 1745, when he was
struck by lightning. His son, Benjamin Harrison V, husband of Elizabeth
Bassett, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Property: Land
On September 11, 1749, Samuel Jordan, the younger, late of Prince George
County, in the Colony of Virginia, to William Poythress, of the same county,
450 acres, in Amelia County, in order to indemnify said William Poythress
for having become surety for said Samuel Jordan.

On April 20, 1750, in Amelia County, William Poythress, of Prince George
County, to Walter Boyd, of Prince George County, Merchant, 450 acres, in
Amelia County, on the south side of the Little Nottaway River, being the
same land conveyed to William Poythress by a deed from Samuel Jordan, the

Adjoining Property
On August 16, 1756, James Draper, 149 acres, in Amelia County, between
Tommahitton and the Burchen Swamps, adjoining Joseph Poythress “his corner”
and William Poythress “at the county line.”
On April 21, 1762, Charles Connally and Catherine, his wife, of Nottoway
parish, in Amelia County, sold to Robert Williams, of the same, 200 acres,
in Nottoway parish, in Amelia County, lying between the lines of George
Hill, Poythress and Parrs (alias) Haymes, it being amongst other things
devised by William Stone, deceased, to his daughter, Catherine, wife of the
said Charles Connally. The witnesses, John Mainere, William Tucker and
Samuel Bentley.

As Witness
In 1753, in Amelia County, the Will of Major Peter Jones, probated 1759, and
named executors, his friends, Richard Jones, Jr., Peter Jones (son of Major
Richard Jones) and Edmund Jones, etc. The witnesses were William Poythress,
Thomas Williams and Richard Jones, Sr.

After William Poythress’ Death
In June, 1794, in Chesterfield County, Tabitha Randolph, of Chesterfield
County, daughter of Robert Poythress, late of Prince George County,
deceased, a deed to Henry Archer [son-in-law], of Chesterfield County, for
£100, 1/5th interest in 8 negroes and their increase devised by her father,
Robert Poythress, of Prince George County, in his Will dated May 24, 1743,
in which Will said Robert Poythress provided that his wife should have a
life interest in the said negroes and their increase should be equally
divided between the three sons of the said Robert Poythress, viz. Robert,
Peter and William Poythress, and such of the testators daughters as were
married at the time of their mother’s death. The said Tabitha being married
at the time of her mother’s death conveys this interest. In 1794, in
Chesterfield County, Tabitha Randolph, one of the daughters and legatees of
Robert Poythress, deceased, versus William Mayo, acting executor of Peter
Poythress, deceased. The court ordered the commissioners to set aside to
said plaintiff certain negroes out of the estate of Robert Poythress,
deceased, with the increase since his death, and also estimate hire from the
death of said Peter Poythress, and make report to this court. Summary Bill
of Complaint. Elizabeth Poythress possessed herself of 12 slaves according
to the will of Robert Poythress. She died many years after her husband,
surviving her sons, Robert and William. The slaves then devolved to their
brother, Peter. Until her death, Elizabeth Poythress lived with or near said
Peter and he had management of her affairs. He was entitled to 3/5 of the
slaves at her death in behalf of himself and his two deceased brothers,
William and Robert. At that time, only 2 of the testator’s daughters were
unmarried, the oratrix, Tabitha Randolph, and her sister, Elizabeth Gilliam.
Peter continued to keep under his care the 8 negroes of which he was 3/5
owner. He died a few years past. William Mayo, Esquire, was the acting
executor of the said Peter Poythress and continued to hold possession of the
said 8 slaves, though often requested to give the oratrix her share. She
desired an accounting of the 8 slaves and their issue and sex be given, then
her 1/5 of said slaves and 1/5 of labor since the death of said Peter
Poythress to be allotted to her.

Earlier exchange on Poythress mailing list:

Subject: Lt. William Poythress
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 17:07:15 EDT

Text of microfilmed document requesting appointment of William Poythress to
Lieut of First Artillery Regiment:

“Commissions wanted for the Officers in Col. Charles Harrison’s Regiment of

Captian Drury Ragsdale…..etc.

Wm. Poythress, 1st Lieut. Nov. 21st, 1777, promoted by the resignation of

Source: Papers of the Continental Congress, M247,r93,i78,v5,p167.

It may be reasonably speculated that this is our Lt. Wm. Poythress of the line