Thomas Poythress (Virginia) circa 1770 – 1800

Compiled by Maynard Poythress — research document not for attribution.

1 May 1773 Thomas Poythress “of Martin’s Brandon Parish” in Prince George County sells to William Rives 274 acres for 150L current money. DB 13, pg. 1,Bruns. Co. (Note: this land should be in present Greenville County). Thomas Poythress – Rives 1773

6 Jul 1773 Thomas Poythress 1773 of Prince George County, Va.” sells to John Dawson of Brunswick County , for 400L, “two certain tracts, containing by estimation 525 acres. From private report to Bud Poythress by Mr. L. Holman. [Note: Compare with patent for 325 acres to John Poythress 1736 and patent for 200 acres to John Poythress 1723]

The “two certain tracts” described in the 1773 deed from Thomas Poythress to John Dawson appear to be the same property patented by John Poythress in 1723 and 1736.

22 Jan 1781 Indenture for Mason & Gilliam to Spencer land transfer in Brunswick, witnessed by…Thomas Poythress… Bruns. Deed BK 14, page 68.

14 Jul 1781 Thomas Poythress’ son Meredith is married to Edith Cleaton, source: Mecklenburg County Marriages, Vogt & Kethley, Iberian Publishing Co., Athens, Ga.

15 Jul 1781 Joseph Prince v. Thomas Poythress, Jr. and Thomas Poythress, Sr., Debtors. Bruns. OB 8 p. 104 (Comment by LPB: this implies that in 1782 in Brunswick there are TWO Thomas Poythresses, both of legal age, and obviously associated economically. Relationship not stated)

22 Aug 1782 John Morris & Elizabeth Edwards, dau. Thomas Edwards, deceased.Surety Meredith P. makes affidavit that Elizabeth Edwards lives at the home of his father Thomas Poythress and is 23 years of age. Knorr’s Brunswick Marr. pp 66.

1782 Personal property list of Bruns. Co. lists Thomas Poythress and Meredith Poythress and 6 slaves- also 6 horses & 18 cattle. (Bud Poythress’ notes 2 Dec 1991).

1782 The 1782 land tax record of Brunswick Co., Va. showed that Thomas Poythress, Sr. paid tax on 584 acres in that county. This land was apparently not all acquired by deed or will. However, the sources have not been located at this time. The Virginia Land Office does not show that a Thomas Poythress acquired any land by patent. The Brunswick Co., Va. tax record alterations show that 50 acres of this land was transferred to a James Phipps and 484 acres transferred to a William Warrick. These deeds have not been located as of now. However, in 1787 the land tax of Brunswick shows that these persons now owned he land. Thomas Poythress is no longer listed as owning any land in Brunswick County. (Report of Anne Taylor Brown to Bud Poythress 7 Dec 1991).

6 Nov 1787 Indenture between Isham Randle and Edward Drumgold (both of Brunswick) for sale of land. Bruns. DB 14, pp 350. (Thomas Poythress a witness).

28 Jan 1788 Randle/Drumgold transaction above additionally proved by oath of Thomas Poytrass, Bruns. DB 14, pp 350.

22 Apr 1788 Thomas Poythress and George Walton, witnesses to above transaction Bruns. DB 14, pp 350.

26 Jul 1788 …Thomas Poythress…”List of Defaulters in Cap. Wynn’s Dist., Burke County” from Georgia State Gazette/Independent Register published in Augusta, Georgia, issue of 26 July, 1788, pg 3, col. 2.

1 Nov 1788 Thomas Poythress…..Ibid. issue of 1 Nov 1788, page 2, col. 3…From list of presentments of the Grand Jury of the Present Term: “In the Superior Court it is ordered that the presentments of the grand jury of the present term be published in the State Gazette…..(grievance #7)…We present

Joshua Inman….Thomas Poythress, as gamblers; therefore a nuisance to this county. Source of two entries above: microfilm of Ga. Gazette for issues cited above, Georgia Dept. of Archives & History.

1788 Brunswick County personal property tax records show Thomas Poythress listed for 1788….1 tithe. (Report of A. T. Brown to Bud Poythress 7 Dec 1991)

30 Mar 1789 “Thomas Poythress for removing Henry Woodward”…meeting of the Overseers of the Poor at the Court House…from St. Andrews Parish

Vestry Book 1732-1797 of Bruns. Co., Va. By Wm. Lindsay Hopkins (abstracted from photocopies in Va. State. Library).

1789 Poythes, Th. On Green County, Ga. Taxpayers List, From The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Ga. by DeLamar & Rothstei, Baltimore Gene. Press, 1985. (questionable entry?)

1789-1795 Brunswick Personal property tax shows Thomas Poythress listed: one tithe. (Report of A. T. Brown to Bud Poythress 7 Dec 1991)

Aug 12, 1791 Thomas Clary sells to Thomas Poythress (both of Brunswick) 85 acres for 37 Lbs. Deed Bk. 15, pg. 135, Bruns. County. (Comment by A. T.

Brown in report to Bud Poythress 7 Dec 1991: “The 1791 land tax shows that a Thomas Poythress acquires 85 acres in Brunswick. That deed was located and cited earlier. This Thomas as shown had a wife named Martha. It is not known whether the Thomas Sr. who owned 534 acres in 1782 in Brunswick is the same Thomas who owned 85 acres in that county in 1791.However, it seems that the Thomas who had a wife named Martha may be the Thomas who went to Georgia”).

14 Dec 1793 Screven County created, taking lower part of Burke, including holdings of Meredith Poythress, Thomas’ son and William Poythress (also a son?)

20 Aug 1795 Thomas Poythress to George Hicks land in Brunswick County, 85 acres for 50 Lbs. Bruns. DB 16, pp 165-6.

28 Aug 1795 Order prepared Washington and Fletcher ordered to secure relief of dower indenture on above propery from spouse Martha Poythress.

28 Sept 1795 Above transaction ordered recorded Bruns DB 16, pp 165-6.

14 Dec 1796 Order given to Washington and Fletcher to go to Martha Poythress and secure relief of down indenture on the 85 acres.

1796 Brunswick County personal property tax records show Thomas Poythress. No tithe listed, 2 slaves over 16, 2 horses. (Report of A. T. Brown to Bud Poythress 7 Dec 1991)

17 Jan 1797 Washington & Fletcher submit to court relief of dower indenture. Same as DB 16 above.

23 Jan 1797 Execution of relief of dower indenture ordered to be recorded, Bruns. DB 16, pp 396-7.

17 Nov 1797 Thomas’s son (?) George becomes Sheriff of Burke. Serves until

21 Oct 1799 when replaced by his father (?) Thomas (who serves until his death in late 1800).

1798 ff. No entries for Thomas Poythress on Brunswick County personal property tax records. “It seems that Thomas Poythress must have left Brunswick County mid-1797 at the latest to early 1798”. (Report of A. H. Brown to Bud Poythress 7 Dec 1991).

1 Oct 1798 Poythress, Thomas, Burke County tax records, book 4, year 1798, From An Index to Ga. Tax Records, 1789 Forward…4th Dist. Tax Digest ….Southeast Regional Archives, East Point, Ga.

21 Oct 1799 Thomas Poythress elected Sheriff of Burke Counnty, Georgia. History of Burke County, Ga.

28 Oct 1799 Poythress, Thomas (along with Tho. Poythress, Jr., Geo. Poythress, and Edward) Signed Petition behalf of Leonard Nobles asking Ga. Gov. James Jackson to pardon death sentence.

29 Apr 1800 Thomas Poythress, S. B. C. (Sheriff Burke County) testifies at court of inquiry into the conduct of Major William Wynne, charged with not keeping a guard over the jail in Waynesborough allowing escape of one Anthony Disto “confined for murder”. (WPA Project # 5993, Ga. Military Affairs, original in GDAH)

6 May 1800 Thomas Poythress, Sheriff of Burke County to Barbara Vince, widow, (highest bidder $300) by suite of James Henderson vs. estate of Jacob Griner. Witnesses: George Poythress, Jno. Mobley. (Screven County, Deeds & Meetings, Vol. A, 1794-1810, pg.260.

10 Nov 1800 Poythress, Thomas….administrators: Geo. Poythress, Patsy Poythress, Columbia Museum & Augusta Chronicle, Notices of Administrations.*

10 Nov 1800 Poythress, Thomas, ditto above, “Jefferson-Burke County, Ga. Early Records, Published by Alden & Associates, Albany, Reviewed by Wm. H. Dumont, NGS Quarterly, 1966.*

*[note: entries for administration of estate show variously as 1800 and 1801. I will check this on visit to Augusta library 8/18/97. I speculate that 1800 is going to be the correct date for administration of estate]

7 Mch 1801 Augusta Chronicle, issue of this date, pg. 2, col. 3: “Will be sold at public auction 15 April next, Waynesborough, 2 horses belonging to the estate of Thomas Poythress, deceased, etc. By Geo. Poythress, Adm’r.

1 May 1801 Thos. Poythress, decd. taxes in default 1 May 1801. Augusta Chronicle notices of sales of property by Burke County sheriff.

10 Nov 1801 Administration, from “Nuggets & Other Findings in Burke County, Ga. Hillhouse, A. M.*

10 Nov 1801 Ditto above “Burke County Residents (1764-1832)” Abstracted from Savannah and Augusta newspapers (source not mentioned) by Herring, Dorothy Holland.*

1803 Martha, George & Edward Poythress (widow and sons of Thomas?) register for 1805 (1st) Georgia land lottery.

1807 Poythress, Thomas (orphans of) Registered and won in Georgia 1807 (2nd) land lottery. County: Burke, Militia District: Sharpe’s, Lot 44, District #22, Land won in: Washington County.