Will of Thomas Pewtresse of Tillers Green, 3 Feb 1592

Transcription Notes

Transcribed by Pat Crewe, 11 June 1997. This is a transcription of the will of Thomas Pewtres of Tillers Green who was buried 7 Mar 1592/3 in Dymock. It is as close as possible to the original but I have added a “?” where I either can’t be sure I have read it correctly or don’t know the word. I looked in the Dymock parish registers book and think that his wife Joan had been buried 10 November 1591 and that their children were baptised as follows: – Thomas on 1 May 1569, John on 19 Oct 1570 and Anne on 15 Jan 1575/6, each child had a different surname spelling.


In the name of God amen the thirde daye of Februarie in the yere of our Lord God one thousand five hundred fowerscore & twelve (1592) I Thomas Pewtres of Tyllyce Greene in the parishe of Dymocke in the countie of Glouc. beinge of reasonable healthe & of good and perfecte Remembrance doe institute and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge.

Firste I give and commend my soule to Almightie God and his sonne Jesus Christ by whom I truste to be saved

Item I give to bringe me anearthe? to the poore people of Dymock foresaid xxs (20 shillings)

Item I give to my sonne John Pewtres all my sheepe

Item I give and bequeathe to my said sonne John Pewtres & his assignes all that my lease of the house wherein I nowe dwell with all the profitte and comodities in the same lease mentioned with all that my estate righte intest? and tearme (term) of yeres in the same as shalbe then to come after my decease, Together with all such bande or bands obligacon or obligacons wherin one Richard Hankyns & William Hankyns his sonne decressed? or eyther of them stand bounden to me the said Thomas Pewtres for the performance of the said lease, or for the payemente of any some or somes of money whatsoever, with the penalties thereof, And lykewise all such Bill or bills of debte or Covernante? or otherwise whatsoever, And all that deede of the Elme trees as nowe are or hereafter shalbe growinge in or uppon the orchard called Tyllys Orchard, To have and to hold all and singuler the same lease Bills obligacons deed or deeds aforesaid with all their appertanance unto my said sonne John and his assigns, in as full large and ample manner and forme , as I the said Thomas Pewtres have maye can might should or ought to have the same by any manner of wayes or means whatsoever.

In consideration whereof my will and meaning is that my sonne John shall paye unto my sonne Thomas and his assignes thretene (thirteen) pounds sixe shillings and eight pence of lawfull money of England in forme followinge , that is to saye, at the feast of St John Baptist next after my decease thretene shillings and fower pence, and at the feast of St John Baptist then next followinge thretene shillings and fower pence and soe yerely and every yere thretene shillings and fower pence until the somme of thretene pounds sixe shillings and eight pence be satisfied and payed soe that my sonne John may have hold and quietly Injoye the said lease, nor be evicted ejected nor expulsed from the same,

nevertheless my mynde, will and meaning is that if my said sonne John cannot have nor Injoye the said lease, then I will and my mynde is, that my sonne John shall not paye unto my sonne Thomas or his assignes the yerely some of thretene shillings and fower pence or any part thereof , untill he may have holde and quietly Injoye the said lease.

All the rest of my goods and cattayls (chattels) moveable and unmoveable unbequeathed I give to my daughter Anne Pewtres whom I make my sole Executrix of this my last will and testament to paye my debts and discharge my funerall, according to that trust in her in this behalf deposed?, for the more certeyntye whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and sette my seale

These being witnesses hereunto

John Eelie?

James Pewtres

Edmond Pewtres Thomas Pewtres