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This is a research-oriented website designed to further the study and exchange of information related to the genealogy of the Poythress surname at any place and at any time.  The site is a volunteer cooperative project for the benefit of Poythress and allied family researchers. Those interested in the origins and history of the Poythress surname are encouraged to submit materials and participate in the exchange of information on the mailing list. As an ongoing project, this site is not intended to stand as authority or as a publication. The sole purpose of this cooperative project is to provide an aid to research and a meeting ground for those interested in serious, documented study of Poythress genealogy and family history.

New Poythress researchers will likely find the Studies and Charts section and the Allied Family Studies section useful for developing a general understanding of the Poythress surname history.   Please note that none of the posted studies presents a comprehensive family history.   The Study of the Poythress and Wall families in Virginia by Lou Poole (Allied Families Section) and the Bolling-Batte documents (Studies and Charts section) are good starting points for those interested in an introduction to the early colonial period in Virginia. Another useful exercise for those new to research of the Poythress surname is to search or browse the mailing list archive of all posted messages since the inception of the list (1995). The Poythress Mailing List at Rootsweb is the best way to search for previous message posts, contribute to the community and ask questions of other family researchers.

Unless otherwise indicated, the information and representations should not be taken as authority.   References and citations should be made to original documents and holders of documents — not this website.  Researchers are urged to independently verify studies, charts, suppositions and speculative statements found on these pages.   Anyone may submit documents and studies for inclusion by contacting the website administrator. Copyright protected documents will not be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved.