Prince George County, Virginia Wills & Settlement of Estates 1787 – 1792

Transcription Note: (Abstracts, Revision 5 Apr 2001, J.M. Poythress)

Clayton Library, Houston, Texas, 12 Sep 2000

 30 Feb 1787

Settlement of Estate of Alexander Robertson (p. 13-14, abstracted)

[note: this is a very complex document with numerous columns, headings and subheadings]

Sums due to various persons (among others):

Cash to John Poythress

Cash to Joshua Poythress

To Ann Poythress Morison: 545 pounds

12 slaves

several houses, plantation items

June, 1783 (date written?)

Wit: Joshua Poythress

Richard Bland

Elizabeth Blair Bland

12 Apr 1787

Will of Elizabeth Poythress (P. 17, abstracted)

Elizabeth Poythress of Prince George County, widow of Peter Poythress (deceased as well).  In consideration of natural affection for daughter Sally Lee and “to prevent any dispute which may happen in the construction of my husband’s will respecting the devise in the said will of Kate’s daughter ‘Fanny’ to my said daughter Sally Lee”…”which was in said will devised to me…”, I give my

said daughter Sally Lee the said Negro Fanny and her children Becky, Betty and Kate and their increase…”.  “….my hand and seal the ___ day of ____,

Signed: Elizabeth Poythress (signed with a waxer)

Wit: John Batte, Tabitha Randolph, William Bingham

14 Apr 1787

At court held this date for Prince George County this foregoing deed from Elizabeth Poythress to her daughter Sally Lee was proved by the oaths of John Batte and William Bingham……by order of the court duly recorded.

Teste:  C. S. Russell

12 Feb 1788

Will of Mary Poythress (abstracted and inclusive of related papers transcribed)  P. 111-12

Dear Sir:

Since writing to you yesterday it has ocurred to me that Tuesday next is Prince George Court day and being too unwell to give my attendence at that time imagine it may be necessary for Mrs. Poythress’ will to be proved and I shall be much obliged to you to inform Miss Susanna Poythress that I hope she will save me from acting as an Excr being well satisfied from my state of health added to the great distance I am from the Estate I shall be found a very improper person to discharge that trust.  As you mentioned to me yesterday that I was the only surviving heir named in the will it may be necessary that the court should be informed of my resignation which may be done with this letter.


Miss Poythress, being of lawful age can become an Administrix with the will as needed or get some friend that she can confide in to Administer, which will be as effectual as if the Executor named in the will had qualified.  I am with every sentiment of respect,

Your Mo Ob Sev,

Nicholas Faulcon

  1. S Pray give Miss Poythress Monday morng 1st Feb 1788

this letter tomorrow as I expect

she will want her mother’s Will

Proved on Tuesday.

At a Court held for Prince George County at the Court House on Friday the

12th day of February 1788 – the foregoing relinquishment of Nick Faulcon’s

Right of Executorship in the Will of Mary Poythress dced was presented  into court by Susanna Poythress and being proved by William Poythress the same is by Order of the Court truly (sic) Recorded.

Teste —

  1. A. Russell


Will of Mary Poythress of Martin’s Brandon Parish, County of Prince George (abstracted).

To Wilmuth Harrison (daughter) as token of affection for her a plain gold ring and a pair of gold sleeve buttons.

To my Daughter Susanna Poythress all the residue of and every species of

Property, etc. that I may die possessed of….home, cattle, sheep….my portion of my (devisement?) from Peter Poythress’ legacy by his will.

Constitute and appoint my friends Nicholas Faulcon (?), Peter Poythress and Joshua Poythress to be executors.

Signed:   Mary (X) Poythress

Wit: Dorothy Reed, Colin Cocke, Barbary J. Norton, Jos. [Joshua]

Poythress, Susanna Cocke.

12 Apr 1788

At a Court held for Prince George County at the Court House on Friday the 12th day of February 1788 – the foregoing will was presented into Court by Susanna Poythress and being proved by the Oaths of Colin Cocke and Susanna Cocke two of the Witnesses thereto, the same is by Order of Court truly (sic) recorded – at the same time Susanna Poythress gave Bond and Security for the faithfull administering on the Estate of Mary Poythress upon which certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration with the said Will annexed.

Teste –

  1. A. Russell,


10 Aug 1790

Will Proved (p. 403)

Will of John Morison, dated 19 Apr 1785, proved 10 Aug 1790

Wife: Ann Poythress Morison, whole estate.  Makes reference that wife now with child.  To brother Alexander Morison, Plantation in Brunswick County and Warren County, North Carolina.  To five sisters (not named).  Brother: Theodorick Morison.  Mentions land bought by his father of Ravenscroft. Wife, Anne, and her father Richard Bland, Esq., with brother David Morison, named as executors.  Will proved by the oaths of Edmund Ruffin,

George Ruffin and John Batte, the witnesses thereto.

(abstract above courtesy of Carol A. Morrison)

26 July 1790

Articles of Agreement (p. 416)

Between William Poythress and Thomas Harris..

William Poythress has claimed an interest in a tract of land where said Thomas Harris lives and the said William Poythress and Thomas Harris

being willing to settle the affair and affix the right title…

John Harris gives William Poythress title to a house sold by William Poythress to Robert Birchett.  House and land had been willed to William Poythress by Peter Poythress that was sold unto Walter Munnery and Nathanial Tatum.

Signed:  William Poythress

Wit: Edward Marks, Nathaniel Mackay, Boswell Becking

2 Aug 1791

 (p. 558)

Gentlemen:                         As I conceive it more consistent with my interests to renounce the will of my deceased husband and to claim the benefit of my dower in his estate I beg leave to notify you of this my desire and humbly hope that your worships in your judicial capacity at our next court will make such order as you in your wisdom shall seem consistent with Law and my interest.  I am with due respect your worshipful most obedient servant.

Ann P. [Poythress] Morison


William Poythress junr

Geo Ruffin

This letter of renunciation of Ann P. Morison to any interest in her dced husband’s will was presented into Court and proved by the Oaths of William Poythress junr and George Ruffin the witnesses through and by order of the Court is truly (sic) recorded.

Teste Peter Williams clk

2 Oct 1790

(p. 643)

Right of Dower Release: Commonwealth of Virginia & Peter Epes

Edwards Island and Edmund Shores

Re Deed of

William Poythress and his wife Mary in the conveyance of 400 acres


William Samuel Peachey.

This document is conventional order of the court to executors to examine

Mary Poythress apart from her husband William to ascertain that she is indeed releasing her dower rights for the sale of this property (inasmuch as

“said Mary cannot travel to the county court”).

Court finds that release of dower was properly obtained and court certifies the right to sell this property.  (Teste: Peter Williams)

25 Feb 1791

(p. 579)

Commonwealth of Virginia


Peter Epes and Pleasant Cocke

Whereas, William Poythress, son of Peter Poythress dced


Christopher McConnice

Land and house in Blandford Town of Petersburg

(William Poythress, by death of his father (Peter) to whom he is heir-at-law, the above (Epes and Cocke) are instructed to determine if Elizabeth Poythress, wife of Peter, surrenders dower rights.