Index to The Augusta, Ga. Chronicle 1788-1827

Preface: This newspaper, founded in 1786, covered news of Augusta/Richmond County and surrounding counties Burke, Screven, and others. Initially named The Augusta Chronicle and Gazette of the State, the name was changed in 1806 to “The Augusta Chronicle”. Abstracts below are listed chronologically by the “event” date, with the date of the newspaper, page number, and column number cited at the end of the abstract in parentheses.

07/26/1788…..Thomas Poythress listed as a tax defaulter, Wynn’s District, Burke Co. (07/28/1788, 3, 2)

10/24/1788…..Burke County, October term, 1788 in the Superior Court. Grievance #7: We present: …Thomas Poythress…as gamblers; therefore a nuisance to this county. (11/01/1788, 2, 3)

05/26/1800…..Personally appeared before me John Steptoe who being duely sworn saith that he has lost or mislaid a note of hand given by George Poythress to Thomas Bynes for $ 442.56 which was payable the 15th day of March last the note being all paid off but $190 which said sum I have since received from the said Poythress. Signed: John Steptoe. Sworn to this 26th day of May 1800. Signed: J. I. Robbinson, J. I. C.[Justice Inferior Court]. (06/14/1800, 3, 4)

10/09/1800…..Presentment of the Grand Jury: in court October 9, 1800 the grand jury brought in their presentments as follows. Burke County, October term. We the grand jurors for the body of the county aforesaid do make the following presentments. Item # 6, we present Thomas Poythress, Esq., sheriff of this county acting as gaoler for neglect of duty. (10/09/1800, 3, 2) [note: Thomas Poythress died in October of 1800].

03/02/1801…..Will be sold at auction, 15th of April next….Waynesborough….2 horses belonging to the estate of Thomas Poythress dced. George Poythress, Admr. (03/07/1801, 3, 3)

11/21/1803…..Sheriff’s sale…first Tuesday in September next, courthouse in Waynesborough…one Negro boy named Stephney; taken by virtue of an execution, William Duefto vs. George Poythress, administrator of Thomas Poythress. (12/31/1803, 4, 4)

02/12/1805….GEORGIA, Burke County, by William Baduly, clerk of the court for the ordinary in said county, WHEREAS, George Poythress has applied to me for letters of administration on the estate of George Wallace, late of this county dced….therefore..admonish all…the kindred of said dced to shew cause, if they have any, why said letters should not be granted. (02/23/1805, 3, 4)

10/12/1805….The following returns of the general election held on Monday last for senators and representatives in the State Legislature, are come to hand. For Burke County, representatives _____Abraham,_____Jackson, George Poythress, and William Bines. (10/12/1805, 3, 3)

01/31/1807…..NOTICE…that in the beginning of November last ____ Jones of the province of east Florida brought in there one bright bay gelding four years fourteen hands high, also one bright bay mare and a black mare with some grey hair, which property is ____ _____ ____ ____ to have been ____ South Carolina–further information may be had by applying to the subscriber near Waynesborough. Signed: George Poythress, Jan 31st. (01/31/1807, 3, 2)

03/25/1809…..NOTICE…All persons having demand against the estate of Henry G. Caldwell dc’d are required to render in their accounts properly attested and those indebted to make payment to the subscriber. Signed: Geo. Poythress March 25, the administrat’r. (03/25/1809, 3, 3)

07/13/1812….Sheriff’s sale…courthouse in Waynesboro….94 acres of land, adjoining lands of Edward Poythress, Margaret Dickson, and others, levied on as the property of John and Robert Dickson at the instance of M. Wiggins & returned to me by a constable. (07/13/1812, 5, 5)

07/07/1815….On first Tuesday next in Sept. at the courthouse in Warren County, will be sold, a Negro girl named Creasey, levied on as the property of David Murdin, to satisfy executions in favor of Joseph Poythress, Jared Burch, and others, and returned to me by a constable. (07/071815, 3, 4)

10/04/1816….Sheriff’s sale….courthouse in Waynesborough….4? acres of Land (Burke County) on the old Quaker Road, adjoining land of John Whitehead, junr. Phillip Lumpkin, levied on as the property ______Levecey Sumner to satisfy sundry small executions in favor of William Poythress, and returned to me by a constable. (10/04/1816, 3, 5)

06/21/1817….Joseph Poythress….had a theft….do not have text (06/21/1817, 2, 1)

07/05/1817….(Judgement won) Two hundred acres of land in Burke County on Buck’s creek adjoining lands of Matthew Spain and Lasseter’s land — levied on as the property of Peter I. Goulding, to satisfy sundry executions in favor of George Poythress and others against said Goulding. (07/05/1817, 3, 5)

12/31/1817….Sheriff’s sale….Waynesborough, one Negro Woman named Betty, levied on as the property of Edward Poythress, to satisfy sundry small executions in favor of John Lawson, Ex’r of Isaiah Carter and others. (01/07/1818, 4, 5)

03/03/1818….(Advertisement)…GA. Burr Stone. Several pair first quality Burr Stone, cut out of the solid 1 pr. 4 feet, 8 inches, 1 pr. 4 feet, ? inches, 2 pr. 3 feet 10 inches. Any person wanting such stone, or any quantity of blocks for the purpose of manufacturing Burr Mill Stone will please apply to me at my plantation near Waynesborough. George Poythress (04/18/1818, 3, 4)

03/07/1818….Sheriff’s sale…..courthouse Waynesborough….Four Negroes, Betty, Catharine, Prince, and Ellen, levied on as the property of Edward Poythress to satisfy an execution in favor of George Poythress, in the foreclosure of a mortgage. (04/08/1818, 4, 3)

03/25/1818….Presentments of the Grand Jury of March term 1818. We the Grand Jurors on their oaths present as follows (enumerated presentments follow). One of signers: George Poythress (03/25/1818, 3, 1)

04/05/1819….Rebecca Poythress on list for letters remaining at post office in Waynesborough, Georgia on April 1, 1819 (04/05/1819, 3, 2)

07/07/1819….George Poythress on list for letters remaining at post office in Waynesborough on July 1, 1819. (07/07/1819, 3, 3)

07/30/1821….Meredith Poythress….do not have text. (08/02/1821, 2, 6)

08/30/1821….Sheriff’s sale…courthouse at Jacksonborough, Screven County..150 acres of pine land more or less lying in the county of Screven levied on the property Meredith Poythress, Sr. to satisfy sundry executions in favor of J. S. Brown, against said Poythress and Solomon Kemp, the same adjoining land of M. Williamson, Sr. and others levied and returned to me by a constable. (08/30/1821, 3, 3)

09/10/1821….NOTICE…John C. Poythress, qualified administrat’r on the estate of A. Carter, in my absence application can be made to my attorney J. Morris, Esq. to whom any necessary information may be returned relative to the settlement of said estate. Jacksonborough, Sept. 10. (09/10/1821, 3, 1)

05/02/1822….Sheriff’s sale…courthouse in Jacksonborough, Screven County…106 acres of land levied on as the property of Meredith Poythress, Senior to satisfy sundry executions issued out of justice’s court in favor of H. M. Willliamson versus Cleton Poythress and Meredith Poythress, Senior, said land adjoins land of Henry Joyce and others. Levied and returned by constable James Poythress. Signed James Brown,SSC (05/02/1822, 3, 4)

08/05/1822….Sheriff’s sale…courthouse in Jacksonborough, Screven County…50 acres of land in said county adjoining lands of Richard Williamson and Zachias Long taken as the property of Meredith Poythress, Senior to satisfy two small executions in favor of R. M. Williamson, Sr. versus Meredith Poythress and Cleton Poythress, levied and returned by a constable.(08/05/1822,3,6)

07/02/1823….Sheriff’s sale…courthouse at Jacksonborough, Screven County…a mulatto boy named Tom levied on as the property of Joseph M’Gowin to satisfy sundry executions in favor of Roger McKinney versus Joseph M’Gowin and James P. Poythress also to satisfy other execution vs. Joseph M’Gowin. (07/05/1823, 4, 2)

11/20/1823….In Waynesborough, Burke County, MARRIED on Thursday, the 20th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Babbit JOHN C. POYTHRESS, ESQ., to MISS ELOISA AMELIA MORRIS. (11/20/1823, 3, 1)

06/02/1824….Sheriff’s sale…courthouse at Jacksonborough, Screven County, ….687 acres of land (more or less) lying in the county of Screven adjoining Little Ogeechee [River], lands of James Ponder and others; levied on as the property of Meredith Poythress, Senior to satisfy sundry executions in favor of Augustus B. Jones versus said Poythress and William Flake, levied and returned by J. B. Anderson, constable. (06/02/1824, 3, 3)

11/06/1824….Sheriff’s sale…Meredith Poythress, not have text (11/06/1824,3,3)

04/02/1825….Sheriff’s sale….courthouse in Jacksonborough, Screven County…one third of a Negro man slave named Corey levied on as the property of Meredith Poythress to satisfy sundry executions in favor of John Adams vs. said Poythress and others. (04/02/1825, 3, 1)

08/31/1825….Sheriff’s sale…identical to the 04/02/1825 entry above leading one to speculate that Meredith Poythress was able to postpone the April 2 sale. (08/31/1825, 3, 4)

01/22/1827….MARRIAGE at Waynesborough on Wednesday evening last ADDISON MANDELL, ESQ. of Macon to MISS MARY E. POYTHRESS daughter of MAJOR GEORGE POYTHRESS.