Amelia County, Virginia Deed Books Abstracts


Book 1, pg. 202

Deed. Joshua Glass of Prince George Co. (Va.) to Walter Childs. D. Sept. 13, 1739. Consid: 16L. Wit: Peter Wynne, John Poythress & Charles Anderson. 200 acres, bounded in part by, etc……

Book 7, pg. 361

Deed. Jun. 19, 1760 from Matthew Ornsby of A, to William Glascock of Dinwiddie County, for 100L, a certain tract of land of about 400 acres in A. on both sides of Butterwood Cr and bounded by John Lewis, Haynes, North Branch, George Lewis, Steger, Hood. Signed – Matthew Ornsby. Wit- Francis Poythress, John Poythress, James Hinton, John Hightower, Jr., Edmund Poythress. Recorded Nov. 27, 1760.

Book 7, pg. 583

April 21. 1762 from Charles Connally of Nottoway Parish in A. to Robert Williams of same, for 40L, all that tract of land lying in Nottoway Parish and A. containing 200 acres of land lying between……Poythress……Recorded April 22, 1762.

Book 8, pg. 326

April 23, 1764 from William Cryer Sr. of Dinwiddie County, to William Cryer Jr. of A, for 5 shillings and for other good causes, all that tract of land of about 570 acres on the south side of Tommahitton Swamp in A, and bounded by John York…..Joseph Poythress. Recorded April 26, 1764.

Book 8, pg. 435

May 21, 1764 from Robert Williams and Mary, his wife, of St. Andrews Parish & Brunswick County, to Dibdale Holt of Nottoway Parish and A, for 60L, a certain tract of land of 200 acres in Nottoway Parish & A, and bounded by Peter Poythress,……Recorded Sep. 27, 1764.

Book 9, pg. 150

May 18, 1767 from Phillip Stone of Dobbs County, North Carolina, to William Manire of A, for 85L and for divers other good causes, a certain tract of land in A and bounded by Nottoway River, Poythris, Dibdalls Holt, etc….

Recorded Jun. 25, 1767.

Book 9, pg. 298

Amelia County to wit. To Peter Poythress & John Poythress, Gent., greeting. Peter Leath, by his deed of August, 1766 sold to Peter Randolph of Prince George County, a certain tract of land of about 400 acres in A on Leath’s Cr. Eliza , the wife of said Leath cannot conveniently travel to our county to make….

Book 9, pg. 348

Mar 18, 1768 from William Manere of A, to Joseph Harper, Jr. of Dinwiddie County, for 63L,15shillings, all that tract of land in A, 170 acres bounded by the County line, Daniel’s Branch……Poythress. Recorded Jun 23, 1768.

Transcribed June 24, 1997, J.M. Poythress