Cemeteries of Screven County, Georgia Area

Cemeteries of Screven County, Georgia Area


Published to this website on August 26, 2001 By Maynard Poythress. Generally I interpret the Screven County Area to be Screven, Effingham, Jenkins, Burke, Bulloch and even Chatham Counties.  I don’t claim to have them all and if I miss one by all means send it to me.  The source for these are in part personal readings and rubbings. In recent years, Bud Poythress and I have picked up a few redbugs and even a tick or two in this heroic effort.  Also used were county records of sexton’s lists available in the Georgia Archives.  In a number of instances, Bud and I have photos of tombstones if you wish to inquire about a specific one. I was surprised to note that the list has so few individuals buried earlier than the mid to even late 1800’s.  It then dawned on me that burials in “maintained” church cemeteries with sexton records was not the custom in the rural South until later.

Sadly, many of these cemeteries are now lost and the ones that aren’t are usually in bad condition.  MP

Sexton’s lists of tombstones Poythress and Poythress related. Not all inclusive. None of this material is copyrighted. Cemeteries listed alphabetically. Additional “text” and occasional notes included.

Bethel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Effingham County, Georgia

Poythress, Minnie “Wife of G. H. Poythress”

25 September 1879-27 August 1924

Goshen Methodist Church, Effingham, Georgia

(Located about one mile north of the Effingham-Chatham County line on east side of Georgia Highway 21, Effingham County, Georgia)

Viola M. Poythress

Died August 21 1916

Age 18 years

(Coping around grave and in coping at the foot: “Mother”)

Double stone:

William H. Poythress

Born December 15, 1848

Died June 5, 1927

Janie E. Poythress

Born April 23, 1863

Died March 10, 1928

(Coping around both graves and engraved at foot opposite above are “Father” and “Mother”)

Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. H. Poythress

Born November 11, 1935

Died November 12, 1935

Theodore M. Poythress

1911- 1975


(Metal undertaker marker)—or

T. Milton Poythress

10 November 1911-9 August 1975

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Poythress

March 18, 1925

Double stone:

Mary Elizabeth Zipperer Poythress

Born October 10, 1873

Died October 17, 1954


John Addison Poythress

Born July 4, 1890

Died March 2, 1960


Poythress, William Hull

T/SGT U. S. Army WW II

19 September 1917 – 15 December 1975

Grosse Family Cemetery, Screven County, GA

(located between McBride Methodist Church on Ga. #24 and Briar Creek, Screven County, Ga. See detailed location map dated 26 April 1957. Inventory below made 26 April 1957; evidence exists of other graves that are not marked)

Susan A. wife of

John R. Conner

Born October 11, 1843

Died July 29, 1895

“Lovingly Remembered”

George L. son of

J. P. and Mattie Conner

Born May 3, 1894

Died August 1, 1895

In Memory Of


Ada M. Conner

Born August 3, 1876

Died May 23, 1891

“Our home is dark without cheer

We miss you everywhere”

In Memory of

Mary E. Poythress (m. Horace Cullen Poythress)

Born nee Mercer (daughter of John H. Mercer & Susan J. Mercer?)

March 10, 1846

Died December 16, 1899

“He giveth His Beloved Sleep”

Psalm 127, Verse 2

In Memory of

Lillian M. Conner

Born September 4, 1862

Died October 28, 1889

John W. Mercer

Born June 6, 1849

Died March 30, 1899

John H. Mercer

Born December 25, 1820

Died July 7, 1895

W. M. Wells

March 25, 1850

March 31, 1901

In Memory of

Silas L. son of

J. R. and S. A. Conner

July 8, 1878

July 4, 1885

Leslie Matthew

Son of Mr. and Mrs.


G. L. Williams

September 18, 1900

February 24, 1913

Catharine V., dau. of

John R. & Susan Conner

Born November 16, 1860

Departed this life

March 12, 1882

In Memory of

Mehala E. A. dau. of

John H. and Susan J. Mercer

Who was born August 10, 1850 and

Departed this life February 13, 1856

Infant of John H. and Susan J. Mercer

Was born September 3, 1851 and

Died September 4th. Aged 1 day

Sacred to the Memory of

Mrs. Susan J. Mercer

Wife of John H. Mercer

Who was born July 13, 1816

And departed this life

December 29, 1863

John H. Mercer (m. Susan Conner, dau. of Lewis Conner?)

December 25, 1820

July 7, 1895

“Crossed over the river and resting

under the shade of the tree.”

In Memory of

Samuel U. Grosse

Born September 30, 1888 (1883?)

Died October 26, 1888 ( 1883?)


Edna B. Grosse

Born September 5, 1872

Died November 17, 1901


Sallie Mercer Gross

May 2, 1847

August 24, 1915


Maude, wife of Harper L. Proctor, M. D.

April 23, 1888

June 8, 1916

Otherwise unidentified marble tombstone initials E. V. G.

In Memory of

Bessie M. Gross


August 5, 1877


September 10, 1877

Herrington Family Cemetery, Screven County, GA

(no directions)

Candassa Maner

December 14, 1844

September 11, 1894`


McBride Methodist Church, Sylvania, Georgia

(Georgia Hway 24, Newington Highway)

Horace C. Poythress [Cullen]

Jan 23, 1867

June 8, 1918

Now thou art gone beyond the reach of woe,

Where sorrow’s tears shall ever cease to flow.

Flossie O.

wife of

H. C. Poythress

Oct 8, 1878

Nov 7, 1914

William H. Bazemore

Mar 5 1852

May 30 1926

His toils are past his work

is done

He fought the fight the

victory won

Fannie Wells Bazemore

Jan 30, 1859

Feb 26 1939

Her devotion was life’s

greatest blessing,

Her memory is our

truest inspiration

Myrtice L. Poythress [daughter of HCP above]

Feb. 26, 1913

June 10, 1984



Etta P. Capus L.

Oct 25 1902 May 20, 1901

July 15, 1974 Mar 1, 1971

[daughter of HCP above]


Daniel W. Poythress, Jr. Leila H. Poythress

June 17, 1878 Apr 26, 1874

Oct 10, 1950 Mar 9, 1928

At Rest At Rest

FATHER MOTHER [Daniel W. Poythress brother

Daniel W. Laura of John Maner Poythress(1)and

Poythress wife of son of Meredith Poythress, Jr.,

Feb 26, 1838 D. W. Laura was a Scott]

Nov 15, 1922 Poythress

Gone but not Apr 17, 1846

forgotten Dec 11, 1919

Gone but not forgotten


Edmund B. Gross


Susan Mercer





Lennie Laura Alice Poythress [Alice Helen Poythress

Reddick wife of sister of Horace Cullen

June 23, 1876 P. A. Reddick Poythress and daughter of

Nov 1, 1951 May 11, 1855 John Maner Poythress(1)]

Sept 25, 1904

Though Lost __?___ __?__ ____ Memory Dear

Daughter Mother

(footstone) (footstone)

W. H. Reddick


Talulah Wells Reddick

1877-1950 (sister of Flossie O.?)

North Newington Baptist Church (Est. 1713)

(2 miles NE of Newington, Screven County, Georgia)


Thomas Boston Julia Ann Usher

April 7, 1860 Feb. 6, 1873

May 13, 1937 June 24, 1940

“Father” “Mother”

May they find Joy in Life Everlasting

Sheddie W. Poythress

Son of T. B. & Julia Poythress

b. July10, 1902

d July 21, 1903

Falligant Bessie Poythress

Wm. Joseph wife

Nov. 15, 1878

Feb. 11, 1943



Robert L. Poythress

Jan 2, 1867

Feb 10, 1935

Mrs. E. D. Poythress

April 28, 1861

May 2, 1946

Ina M. Poythress

Daughter of T. B. & Julia A. Poythress

5-19-1904 to 2-12-1905

Double grave:

William E. Poythress

Born July 11, 1833

Died December 23, 1907

He lived as he died, a Christian


Martha J. Poythress

June 4, 1841

December 8, 1935

A Tender Mother, faithful to Her Trust, even unto Death

Sacred to the memory of

Idella Poythress

b. Jan 5, 1867 (1859?)

d Jan. 26, 1883

(note Idella was daughter of William and Martha above)

A single, large triple marker:


Thomas Ralph Joann Verna Mae Bryant

1936-1937 1908-1945 1897-1946

A single, large double marker:



Bessie M. James C.

March 26, 1887 November 21, 1885

August 11, 1966 July 20, 1950

A single, large double marker:


Gazzie H. Beulah B.

February 22, 1879 November 19, 1896

February 4, 1969 February 6, 1982

Frank Poythress

November 22, 1885

September 18, 1977

A single, large marker:


James T. Magnolia P.

March 3, 1853 January 8, 1886

April 17, 1937 February 11, 1945

(note: Magnolia (Poythress) Pitts was the daughter of John White and Martha Virginia/”Virgin” Poythress. The Frank Poythress above is Magnolia’s brother

and Frank is buried in with the Pitts family).

A single large marker:


William Joseph Bessie Poythress

November 15, 1878 August 4, 1886

February 11, 1943 February 6, 1980

Louise Poythress Lee

January 18, 1922

(no death date given)


Sacred to the Memory of

Isaac Wilder

Died July 12, 1881

Aged 56 years, 3 mo.,18 days

In Memory of

H. J. Poythress

Born July 9, 1875

Died October 9, 1876

Savannah Colonial Cemetery

Section “D”, small granite headstone fastened on east wall of “typhus section”:

In Memory of Hetty A. Poythress

Wife of

Geo. Poythress of

Burke County

Who departed this life

December 24, 1818

It is suggested that George Poythress and wife Hetty (mother of John Carter Poythress went to Savannah for a Christmas holiday where she contracted

Typhoid fever and died. She was buried in the typhus section as was required by law at the time. (Source: “Some Early Epitaphs in Georgia”, compiled by the Georgia Society of Colonial Dames, Mrs. Peter W. Meldrin, Historian).

Scott/Poythress/Gross/Mills/Sanders Private Cemetery, Screven County, GA

(location off Rifle Road in Screven County) Write up below includes genealogy notes)

It is believed that this cemetery is not listed nor inventoried in either of the previous inventories of Screven County cemeteries: “Footprints in the Sands of Time” by Willie Mae Yeomans, a private cemetery supplement to prior


D. A. R. cemetery surveys covered in two volumes, 1955-57.

Restoration on a portion of this cemetery was begun soon after uncovering the gravestones and this inventory was taken 16 August, 1998. The information below transcribes text from individual tombstones. There is evidence of other graves either unmarked and or with major parts of headstones broken and missing.

The Scott stones appear to be granite, were found standing and are reasonably well preserved. The Mills stones, enclosed with a concrete block wall about four feet high, are also granite and well preserved.

The Poythress, Sanders and Gross stones appear to be made of molded concrete and show considerable deterioration. Most of these stones apparently toppled over many years ago. They were uncovered by probing in the accumulated leaf mast and humus. These stones are being repaired where broken and are to be replaced on the original sites.


Martha Scott Denis Scott

November 27, 1813 February 17, 1803

July 24, 1888 June 19, 1874

Rest Mother, rest in Rest Father, rest in

quiet sleep, quiet sleep,

While friends in Sorrow While friends in Sorrow

O’er thee Weep O’er thee Weep

[footstone: M. S.] [footstone: D. S.]


[single stone]

Mary Virginia Scott Martha Ann Scott

March 23, 1846 March 10, 1838

January 27, 1921 September 2, 1902

She is safe in She is safe in

her Father’s home above her Father’s home above


In Memory In Memory

of of

John M. Poythress Rhoda E. Poythress

Born Born

July 26, 1832 March 28, 1828

Died Died

October 1, 1866 May 9, 1884

Quiet rest our Quiet rest our

Angel Father Angel Mother

[footstone: J. M. P.] [footstone: R. E. P.]

[following is contemporary granite veteran’s marker placed 16 Aug 1998]




JUL 26 1832 OCT 1 1866

In Memory


J. W. Poythress


March 21, 1865



May 4, 1877



In Memory of

William Gross



[note: above from headstone fragments; also, the 1886 is questionable]

In Memory of

Ann A. Gross

March 25, 1825

June 20, 1912

“Asleep in Jesus”


The Mills portion of this cemetery is contained in a concrete block wall 4 feet in height built as an outside perimeter to what was the original area enclosed by 6” marble coping 23’ x 25’. This area contains the graves of Stephen B. Mills and his wife Fannie D. Mills, along with what may be inferred (from the text and stone sizes) to be four children lost in infancy.

There are no inscriptions other than those shown.

[first is double headstone, others single]

Stephen B. Mills Fannie D. Mills

March 3, 1851 October 3, 1850

January 11, 1900 September 17, 1897

Belle Elizabeth

daughter of daughter of

S. B. & Fannie Mills S. B. & Fannie Mills

Sallie Francis

daughter of son of

S. B. & Fannie Mills S. B. & Francis Mills



In my Father’s House are Many Mansions

Hattie Sanders

October 31, 1869

April 16, 1903

“At Rest”

Infant of D. W. &

Hattie Sanders

Apr 13, 1903

Apr 13, 1903

“Our Little Daughter”

Genealogy notes on individuals interred:


Dennis Scott was the son of James Scott b.1760-1770 d. 1832 m.1 Sarah Brunson, m.2 Clarissa Harden, m.3 Temperence Rawls). After the death of James Scott, Temperence m.2 7 Nov 1833 Lewis Powell. Son Dennis Scott married Martha Gross 13 Sep 1833. Martha (Gross) Scott (1813-1888) was the daughter of William Gross who m. Harriet Burns ca 1814.

Martha Ann Scott and Mary Virginia Scott (sisters) were unmarried daughters of Dennis Scott and Martha (Gross) Scott.


John Maner Poythress was the son of Meredith Poythress, Jr. m.2 Susan R. Maner. Contemporaneous material states that John Poythress died in 1866 of yellow fever contracted in the War for Southern Independence.


Rhoda E. (Gross) Poythress was the daughter of William H. Gross and his wife, Harriet Burns Gross (d. 1849). Rhoda Gross married John Maner Poythress on 5 Apr 1854.

A son born after the death of his father John Maner Poythress, Horace Cullen Poythress (1867-1918) m.2 Flossie O. Wells (1878-1914). Both are buried at McBride Methodist Church Cemetery. At the present time (1998) a Poythress/Wells family reunion has been held continuously in Sylvania for over 50 years. In recent years the site has been the Meeting Room of McBride Methodist Church. Included in this group are many representatives of the historic Screven County families of Bazemore, Reddick, Austin, Godbie and Poythress.

The grave of J. W. Poythress is that of John Willie Poythress, a son of John Maner and Rhoda (Gross) Poythress who died in childhood.



William Gross (1825-18??) is very tentatively presumed to be a brother of Rhoda Gross.

Ann A. Gross is an unmarried sister of Rhoda Gross. Records indicate that the tomb of Kissiah Gross, another unmarried sister, is also supposed to be in this cemetery. Her headstone was not located.


Stephen B. Mills would very likely be the son of Stephen Mills II. Stephen

Mills II was the son of Stephen Mills, Sr. and Sarah Kemp (the daughter

of Solomon and Sarah (Freeman) Kemp (m. 15 Sep 1825).

This Stephen B. Mills married 1.Frances Scott 8 Dec 1868, shown on her

tombstone as Fannie D. Mills and married 2.Florence Brunson. None of the

names on the four infant graves in this cemetery agree with any of the ten

children of Stephen B. Mills and Frances Scott Mills as listed in the History of Screven County, Georgia (pg. 226). Perhaps the case is that the SCoGaH author did not have access to the names of the four children who died in infancy.


Hattie Poythress Sanders is the daughter of Daniel W. Poythress and

Laura (Scott) Poythress. Hattie Poythress m. David W. Sanders, Jr.

(b. 1874) on 26 April 1900. The gravestone of their infant daughter (b. and d. 13 April 1903) would suggest that Hattie Sanders Poythress’ death three days later resulted from complications of childbirth.

Restoration of cemetery by Donald W. Bazemore

Write-up by: John M. Poythress

Donald Webster Bazemore and John M.

Poythress are respectively the great-

great grandson and great grandson


of John Maner Poythress.

Corrections or additions to this

material are welcomed; please


John M. Poythress

2903 Glen Hill Court

Louisville, KY 40222-6159

e-mail: vkratliff@aol.com

Date 18 February, 1999

USGS 7.5’ Topo

Jacksonboro Bridge Quadrangle


Wades Baptist Church Cemetery

(West from city limits of Sylvania, GA for 10.9 miles to junction of U. S. 301 and State Highway 17, turn right for 2 miles. Cemetery approximately 200 yards from highway)

Hope Brannen

May 9, 1844

January 10, 1894

Aged 52 years

Sarah Cooper Brannen (on same stone with Hope Brannen above)

December 10, 1850

April 27, 1918

Hope C. Brannen

Born October 29, 1877

Died April 27, 1910

Welbourne T. Brannen

Born January 18, 1887


Died January 16, 1914

H. J. Poythress

Born July 9, 1875

Died October 9, 1875

Z. L. Poythress

Born April 16, 1873

Died March 15, 1874

L. C. Poythress

Born November 17, 1871

Died November 17, 1872

Waynesboro Confederate Memorial Cemetery, Waynesboro, Ga.

John Carter Poythress

Born September 14, 1796

Died September 12, 1862


Oak Hill Baptist Church, Jenkins County, Millen, Georgia



June 16, 1889

Feb. 26, 1916

Asleep in Jesus

Blessed Sleep



June 6, 1896

Mar. 19, 1922

Gone But Not




FEB. 27, 1887




DIED OCT. 8, 1938




JUNE 7, 1861

JAN. 6, 1908

There will be

no sorrow there



MAR. 1, 1913




AUG. 20, 1912

AUG. 19, 1972




AUG. 20, 1867

JAN. 28, 1966




MAR. 19, 1871

JUNE. 24, 1909


DEC. 25, 1861

JAN. 6,1938



L. A. & S. P.


JUNE 24, 1909

JULY 10, 1909

Old North Newinton Baptist Church Cemetery, Newington, Georgia

“From Newingtoncross railroad on Route 24, pass North Newington Baptist Church and travel about 1 1/2 miles to first dirt road to right. Continue for 3 miles to home of Lloyd Pryor. This cemetery is back of the Pryor home in a field. The graves were placed there when the church was located there. Today practically all of the tombstones are are fairly well preserved. Mr. Pryor has carefully left the graves to rest in peace.” (John Robert Peavy 20 May, 1999).


Scott Cemetery, Rifle Road, Sylvania, Georgia (Screven County)

In Memory of

Ann A. Gross

March 25, 1825

June 20, 1912

“Asleep in Jesus”