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Free to All! Recorded Webinar viewing starts with Craig R Scott “Finding a North Carolina Revolutionary War Ancestor”

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Craig R. Scott, longstanding contributor to the Poythress mailing list and this family research website has a free webinar focused on finding North Carolina Revolutionary War Ancestors. Craig "has been a professional genealogical and historical researcher for more than thirty years who specializes in the records of the National Archives. He is a member of the Company of Military Historians, is on the editorial board of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and is a Director of the Association of Professional Genealogists. He has authored seventeen books and several articles in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Family Chronicle, and other genealogical publications. He is the President and CEO of Heritage Books, Inc., a genealogical publishing firm with over 5,300 titles...

Feedback on the Poythress research pages from students and teacher working on family history project

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[Poythress Surname History] Contribute or Comment Hi Poythress family! I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your site, some savvy teens and I are getting a lot of use from it. Our after school program just started a family history project- we're all very excited to start digging! In our search for research tools and info we stumbled onto your page here,'s been tough finding non-spammy sites for the kids so you have our thanks! We all agreed your page gave us some great ideas to get started- as a token of our thanks we wanted to share another resource with you that one of the our superstars Mia found. It's a very detailed genealogy guide/article that has a lot of helpful info. Maybe you might even find it use...

David Poythress Connection to Weldon Edwards Property in Warren County, North Carolina

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In a recent post to the mailing list I mentioned the transcription of a contract executed in 1866-7 by the Freedmen’s Bureau in North Carolina between David Poythress and several freed persons of color to work as laborers on the plantation he was renting from a W.N. Edwards. D Poythress Freedmen Contract 1867 We already knew from census records that David was located in the Smith Creek district of Warren County (Manson area) and that in the settlement of his estate a sum of $125 was paid to M.J. (Marmaduke James) Hawkins - Hawkins Plantation.  This was in the mid-1870s.   M.J. Hawkins is confirmed as living near Manson in the 1870 census.  MJ. Hawkin's father was Dr. William J, Hawkins (  His grandp

Reverend Francis Poythress — Family Ties — Closing in?

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We have documentation from a study of records related to the establishment of Bethel Academy asserting that Rev. Francis Poythress, the Methodist pioneer in the late 18th century, was the uncle of Elizabeth (Poythress) Peniston. From: CHAPTER 3: IMPORTANT MEN RELATED TO BETHEL ACADEMY, G. HERBERT LIVINGSTON, The Asbury Journal, 1984 "While in charge of Bethel Academy, (John) Metcalf married in 1795 a niece of his presiding elder, Rev. Francis Poythress. She was Ann (Nancy), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Poythress) Peniston, (emphasis added) who lived near Lexington, Kentucky. Together they managed Bethel Academy until 1798." The two chapters below are the most specific to Francis Poythress and John Metcalf (also of Virginia). Chapter 3 provides a very readable and well researched

Notable Mailing List Post: J D Poythress descendant of J A Poythress & Martha in Caddo, LA 1860

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Barbara Neal Posted to Poythress Mailing List on September 6th, 2017 Linda Clark Smith & Marianne & I have all 3 at times worked on trying to definitively connect back J A Poythress, who I think we initially saw in the 1860 Census of Caddo Parish, LA with an intriguing Poythress relative in the household, John M Poythress, 26-yr old carpenter born in FL. While this email doesn't connect either JA or John M further back, it does give us more info on J A Poythress' family and descendants. Al's posting about a John D Poythress applying in 1940 for a US Patent for air conditioning, had "Dallas Texas" in the see-it-here link. The Dallas TX & John D Poythress rang a bell for me, prompting me to look back in my stuff for a Dallas, TX Poythress. John D Poythress was ...

John Maynard Poythress — Library of Virginia to Receive His Family Research Collection

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As many in the longstanding Poythress family research community know, John Maynard Poythress was one of the most active and passionate contributors to the mailing list, now housed with Ancestry's Rootsweb and to this family history website.  Maynard passed away in 2012 at the age of 77.  Here is a link to his obituary. Anyone looking through the transcriptions of primary records on this site will soon learn the scope and significance of his contributions.  As a remembrance, here is a favorite family photograph of Maynard taken during a trip to Scotland in 1998. Below is a recent update from Maynard's daughter, Leigh, providing details about his wish to have his Poythress research preserved and accessible to future generations. Hello all— Maynard specifically asked Dewayne a

Dr. John Poythress – – Beaufort NC — Mentions of Death in 1813

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Query:  What more have we learned about Dr. John Poythress in North Carolina circa 1813?  The Boston Daily Advertiser on December 14th, 1813 posted this brief notice about the passing of Dr. John Poythress in North Carolina. Dr John Poythress NC 1813 The children Samuel Leffers and Sarah Hampton (1739-1808), as noted in family trees and in Maurice Davis' History of the Hammock House: George (1767-1793) married Hannah Gibble about 1791 and was lost at sea. "They had only one son, Samuel II (1792-1875), who studied medicine under Dr. John Poythress, who had a private infirmary in Beaufort before his death in 1813. Dr. Poythress has been of interest to the listserv for several years… From: Barbara Neal Subject: Re: [POYTHRESS] Dr. John Poythress, died 1813 Beaufort, NC Date

Captain Poythress — News From Lisbon in 1810 – Napoleonic Wars

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There was keen interest in our new nation to learn news about the Napoleonic Wars (1803 - 1815), which included what we know as the American War of 1812.  During this era Captain (Joshua?) Poythress was sailing his ship, the Pohattan, to ports in Europe and the Caribbean and along the east coast of North America.  There are a number of news accounts documenting his arrivals in American ports.  In this post we have a newspaper account of his report on conditions in Lisbon shared upon his arrival in Norfolk on August 20th, 1810.  His account appeared in Charlestown's Farmers' Repository (August 31st, 1810). This link will take you to the newspaper database archive Below is a PDF of the clip Captain Poythress Report From Lisbon

Notes on Study of 18th Century Methodist Pioneer – Rev. Francis Poythress

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The link below will take you to a compilation of eight biographical and historical accounts of this Francis Poythress.  These are fascinating accounts.   There are more sources of documentation but these are the most substantial I’ve identified so far.  Supplemental documents will be added as the study of Rev. Francis Poythress progresses. The Methodist historical archives are housed at Pace University in New Jersey — I’ve seen no indication that Poythress family researchers posting to our list have explored possible early correspondences, etc.   A "Francis Poythress" biographical file exists but we do not yet know the

Notable Mailing List Post: Lt. William Poythress portrait source info via Maynard 1992 (John M Poythress)

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Note: John M. Poythress (Maynard) began investigating the portrait of Lt. William Poythress by the early 1990s.  This message recounts some of his early correspondence (circa Feb. 1992) about this image with Barbara Poythress Neal.  Researchers will find additional contributions and a high resolution scan on this site.  The Poythress message archives (1995 - present) can be searched here. From: Barbara Neal Subject: [POYTHRESS] Lt William Poythress portrait source-info via Maynard1992 (John M Poythress) Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 23:23:15 -0600 The portrait drawing of the profile-view of head and chest of Lieutenant William Poythress in American Revolution uniform is something that Maynard already had a photocopy of, before he and I first snail-mailed letters to one another in F

New: Lauderdale County Mississippi Poythress Marriages Index

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These indexes have 12 male Poythress marriage entries and 14 female Poythress marriage entries.  There is a link to the Lauderdale County Department of Archives & History, Inc. website where you will instructions about how to order records of interest.  The indexes cover the time frame of 1839 - 1845, and 1851 - 1938.  Some of the records for 1840 - 1845-1850 are presumed lost or destroyed.

Poythress DNA Study – Current Status

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General Background on Surname Study Our surname is a relatively rare one. In England, the POYTRESS surname has been around for more than 400 years. In America, people of the POYTHRESS surname have been here for almost 400 years. In America the earliest of the name we have found is Francis Poythress, who came prior to 9 Feb 1632, when he was in James City County, Virginia.  We know he served as a factor (or an agent) for a London merchant, Lawrence Evans, in the year prior to Sep 1637, and served as a Burgess representing Charles City County, Virginia in 1644 and later. (See citations for these and more early information at our website's "17th Century Records" section) The christening that researchers have found in England (apparently for this man), was that of Francis POYTHRESS, chri