Poythress Drug Bottle 1856

Poythress 1856: William P. Poythress Drug Company of Richmond, VA

Bottle found by Victor Poythress in 1984 at Bear Island Florida near Oklawaha & St. John’s Rivers. Bottle manufactured in 1940s by Wheaton Glass Company.



William (Bill) P. Poythress was a pharmacist and owner of the Poythress Drug Store in Richmond, Virginia. In the 1890s the Poythress pharmacy was located at 919 East Main Street in Richmond.

According to a letter (24 Feb. 1992) from David S. Caskey, VP of Pharmaceutical Operations for the William P. Poythress (an E.C. Robins Company) to Barbara Poythress Wolfe: “Although small, dark and uninteresting by modern standards, the store did a tremendous prescription business and was the gathering place for many of Richmond’s notables. Confederate Generals Mahone and Wickham, Major Olds, Judge Ashby Wickham, Dr. Cunningham, Old Dr. Hunter McGuire, Bishop Van de Venter, and Father Tabb, the poet laureate of Virginia, were among the drugstore cowboys of the Old Poythress store.”