David Poythress 1866-7 Freedmen Agreement

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“North Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau Assistant Commissioner Records, 1862-1870,” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:V61B-2VR : 12 December 2014), D Poythress, 01 Jan 1867; citing NARA microfilm publication M843 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 1,616,874.


D Poythress, 01 Jan 1867 document record at FamilySearch

D Poythress Freedmen Contract 1866-7 (PDF)

DRAFT Transcription by Albert Tims, Oct. 11, 2017

State of North Carolina
Warren County

Articles of agreement between D. Poythress of the one Part and
Ben Norwood_ Frank Edwards _ Dancy _ Alfred Bullock _ Isham Drake,
and Tom Moss and his daughter Matilda _ of the other part __ all Freed
-persons of color – of the other part: Witnesseth that they and each of ­
them have agreed and do hereby agree to hire their time as laborers
for the said Poythress to work on the plantation rented by him of W.
N. Edwards, or any where he might direct = from the dates hereinafter
specified to the 1st JanY. 1867. They and each of them also promise
And agree as follows:  that they will work diligently & faithfully ___
discharging all the duties and labor common & usual with hired
hands in this section; that they will, at all times & in all respects,
obey & execute the orders of said Poythress; whether given by himself
or through an other; abstain from all wrangling & strife & conduct
themselves at all times respectfully & with good manners to the said
Poythress and all his family; and in all respects behave and act as
dutiful and submissive Servants:  that they will keep no firearms
or other deadly weapons _ and keep orderly and quiet-houses, and at
no time allow the visits of Hagglers or Sellers, or large collections of
White or black persons without leave from said Poythress _ Each
further agrees & promises _ that for every days work lost by sickness _
absence or any other cause, there shall be deducted a rateable
proportion of wages __ and it is expressly understood by all the Parties
hereto that all months shall consist of twenty six working days.
Each further agrees that he will be responsible out of his wages
for loss or injury to the Stock or farming implements in his case, if
occasioned by negligence __ and that the usual attendance on Mules,
Horses and other Stock shall be given on Sundays & Holidays.
Furthermore _ each and all agree, that they will submit to such rules
and work in such ways and at such times as was customary
in this section and that the said ^ Poythress may, in his discretion, dismiss any
one or more of them, for insolence, disobedience, or for violation of any of
the foregoing agreements and in case of such dismissal, only one half of
his wages shall be notably paid for the time served. And in….

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consideration of the agreements aforesaid, the said Poythress agrees to pay,
To Ben Norwood _ fifteen Barrels of Corn __ Service commenced 1st JanY, 1866
“  Frank Edwards_ fifteen Barrels of Corn  __ Service commenced 1st JanY, 1866
“  Tom Moss & Daughter. twelve Barrels of Corn __ Service commenced 1st JanY, 1866
“  Dancy Jones _ sixty five dollars. __ Service commenced 1st JanY, 1866
“  Alfred Bullock. Seven dollars pr Month. Service commenced 5th FebY, 1866
“  Isham Drake_ Thirty Doller per year. __ Service commenced 1st JanY, 1866

The said Poythress further agrees that he will furnish their houses to
live in__ with the privilege of Fuel – but no timber or other live Trees to be
cut down for the purpose __ and also to supply with wholesome food in just
and proper allowance for their meals.  It is expressly understood & agreed
that they are to clothe themselves & to pay their own Doctor’s Bills.

In witness where of we have hereunto set our Hands & Seals

this            day of Feb. 25th, 1866


Robert A White

Ben X NorwoodSeal
Frank XEdwardsSeal
Tom X MossSeal 
Isham X DrakeSeal
Dancy X JonesSeal
Alfred X BullockSeal

David PoythressSeal