Study of Francis Poythress of Green County, Georgia

Study Developed by Maynard Poythress.  Contributed: Feb., 2008

Greene County was created in 1786 out of the northern part of what was originally Washington County., Washington County itself having been created in 1784 from lands ceded by the Creek Nation in 1783. It was named for General Nathaniel Greene, a Revolutionary War hero. Greene Co. was a significant and early “destination” county from other parts of the state. Greensboro was and is the county seat. Records from Greene Co. are poorly written, missing, out of order, have page numbers missing, destroyed, etc. The document of 19 Jul 1792 (below) would suggest that this is not a total tragedy.

Preface, Poythress specific: also appearing in Greene County 1838 is one Hardaman Poythress. Hardaman and its variations seem to be specific to Virginia Poythresses. However Hardaman did not show in the Thomas Poythress line going to Burke/Screven Counties. Should one speculate that the appearance of Hardaman Poythress, potentially a son of this Francis Poythress of Greene County, implies that Francis of Greene County came to Georgia independent of Thomas Poythress’ family? Also, there is some speculation that Francis of Greene Co. came from Dinwiddie County and his land may have been a grant for Revolutionary War service, again suggesting that Francis Poythress of Greene may be a separate family coming to Georgia.

Further, an appearance in Georgia in 1785 (taxed for property) may be earlier than the arrival of the Mecklenburg Co., Va. Poythresses.

00 000 1785 Francis Poythris, taxed for 100 acres in Washington County. He was living west of the Ogeechee River, south of South Fork, therefore east of the “Temporary Line” considered by surveyors and residents of both Washington and Wilkes Counties to be the boundary between the two counties. The area was placed into Greene County 3 Feb 1786. From: Wilkes County, Ga. Tax Records 1785-1805. (from Linda Starr). MP comment: this is assumed to be same Francis Poythress based on location of property, see below. Also, from Early Records of Georgia, -Wilkes County, Vols. 1 & 2, is listed “Francis Poythriss 1 poll, 100 acres, Capt. Thompson’s District, Benj. J. Thompson, Esqr.”.

00 000 1786 Four Grants to Francis Powers (?), total 1350 acres, Wilkes County (questionable entry, no source).

12 Aug 1787 Deed for 120 acres on waters of the south fork of Ogeechee adj….Francis Poythrys…Greene County, Georgia DB 1, pg. 125

00 Aug 1787 Deed for 200 acres on the waters of the South Ogeechee, adj. Poythress, Rogers, etc. Greene County, Georgia DB 1, pg. 194-96.

04 Oct 1787 Inventory and Appraisement of Estate of Dorothy Ashield, dced…given in by……Francis Poythers…, Sworn appraisal dated 4 Oct 1787. Greene Co., Ga. Misc. Records, Book A, 1787-1801, pg. 2.

17 Apr 1788 An acc’t. of the Sale of the Est. of Stephen Parker, late of Greene County, dec’d made by Capt. James Alford, Admnr. May 3, 1788. Persons sold to: ….Francis Poythers..etc. Greene Co., Ga. Misc. Records, Book A, 1787- 1801, pg. 23.

00 000 1789 Poythers, T. H. (sic? or perhaps Hardaman) Taxpayer year 1789 Greene Greene County, GDAH Microfilm drawer 230/roll 9.

10 Mar 1789 Deed for 250 acres on South Fork of Ogeechee R. bounded by………Francis Poythryss,…. Green Co., Ga. DB B, 1793-1802, pg. 7.

19 Jul 1792 Michael Rogers of Greene Co., planter, to Zachariah Bayes (Boyes) of Wilkes Co. planter; whereas the said Michael Rogers together with Francis Poythress by their certain bond dated 22 Feb. last stand unto the said Bayes in the sum of 1000 pds. on condition that when Berry Rogers son of the said Michael comes of age shall relinquish all right etc. to the said gift alluding to a deed or will made by said Boyes, as it is said, unto the said Berry of a negro man slave named Osborn and a girl named Phillis and sundry other articles which deed was made when the said Boyes was deprived of his reason by intoxication; the said Michael Rogers for 1000 pds. and for better securing the payment thereof in case said Berry Rogers shall neglect or refuse to disclaiim all right to said negroes mentioned in the clandestine deed of gift dated 26 Oct 1791, and for securing the same in case Zachariah Boyes be disturbed by said Berry Rogers, and in consideration of the further sum of 5 shillings paid to Michael paid by Zachariah, 200 acres on the S. fork of the Ogeechee whereon the said Rogers now resides adj. lands of Henry Peeks, Abraham Lawrance, John Rogers and Thomas Credile, also one negro boy named Phill, horses and cattle. If the said Berry Rogers shall within 10 years relinquish all claims to the aforesaid negroes Osborn & Phillis…etc. Signed: Mick. Rogers, Wit: John Armor, J. P., Seaborn Jones. Greene County, Ga. WB 2, pgs. 21-22.

00 000 1793 Greene County Tax Book 1793. Name of Taxable: Francis Poyther, County: Greene, Whom adjoining: Jno Johnston. Ga. Gene. Soc. Quarterly Vol. 13, 1977 “Green County, Captain Whitefield’s District”.

11 Feb 1794 We, Michel Rogers and Francis Poythress of Greene Co. do promise to pay to Zachariah Bays or his heirs the sum of 100 pds. The consideration of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a Deed of Gift on the record of Superior Court from the said Zachariah Bays for two Negroes, to wit Osborn and Phillis, to Berry Rogers son of said Michael Rogers and Frances Porter shall in behalf of Berry Rogers when he shall come of age relinquish and disclaim all right title or demand of said Deed of Gift, then above obligation to be voyed (sic). Signed Michl. Rogers, Francis Poythress. Wit: Wm. Heard, Wtn. Oneal. Proved by Wm. Heard who also saw Wooton Oneal sign, 21 Jan 1794 before Thomas Baldwin, J. P. Reg: 11 Feb 1794. Greene County, Ga. DB 2, pg. 82-83.

04 Dec 1800 Deed 200 acres in Greene Co. adj……& Poythress…Rec: 6 Sep 1802. Greene Co. Ga. DB 2, pg. 723-724.

30 Nov 1801 Deed for 100 acres on waters of Shoulderbone Creek bounded at time of survey by……Poythress…….. Greene Co., Ga. DB 2, pg. 717-718