Preliminary: Poythress Lineage of Rev. O. D. Poythress

This preliminary (working) study proposes a line of descent from Edward and Mahaley (Nance) Poythress, first of Mecklenburg, Virginia and later the Granville area, North Carolina.

Below is a rudimentary tracing of his Poythress lineage.  It appears that ages, geographic locations, marriage, census and death records align.  This preliminary study does not attempt to trace the families of other descendants of Edward and Mahaley, other than one brief aside related to their daughter Sarah A. Poythress. Hopefully, a family member will share information that will more thoroughly document this branch of the Poythress family tree.

Evidence of Lineage

1828: Edward and Mahaley (Nance) Marriage Bond – Nov. 2nd, 1828, Mecklenburg, Virginia.

Dodd, Jordan R., et al.. Early American Marriages: Virginia to 1850. Bountiful, UT, USA: Precision Indexing Publishers.

1850:  Edward & Mahaley Poythress Family — Mecklenburg, VA

George Poythress is shown at age 12. Regiment 98, Mecklenburg, Virginia, Family Number:241 in the household of Edward (age 52) and Mahala (47) Poythress.  Siblings in the household are Sarah A (18) and Harriett (16)

1850 Federal Census – Edward and Mahaley

1856 G.D. Redman and Sarah A Poythress Marriage – June 24th, 1856, Mecklenburg, Virginia.  Her father is listed as Edward Poythress; her mother’s name is listed as M.  We can safely presume this to be Mahaley.

Note:  Sarah A. Poythress, sister of G.W. Poythress and daughter of Edward and Mahaley Poythress, married (at 21) the father of Permelia Susan Redman, her brother’s future wife.   Thus, Sarah A. eventually becomes Permelia’s step-mother and her sister-in-law.

Sarah (Poythress) Redman Federal Census 1860

1861 George W(ashington) Poythress married Permelia Susan Redman in Granville, North Carolina on 16 May 1861 (North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741 – 2004).

Permelia Susan Poythress Redman was born in Mecklenburg, Virginia, Regiment 22, about 1847 (1850 Federal Census).  The Redman family moved to Granville, North Carolina before 1860 (1860 Federal Census).

1870: Robert Lee Poythress – son of George W(ashington) Poythress and Permelia Susan Poythress.  Robert is shown as age 6 in the 1870 Census and age 36 in the 1900 Census.  George W. is shown as born in Virginia.  Their home in 1870 was roughly 15 miles south of the Virginia line. (Note:  The death certificate of Robert Lee Poythress shows his father’s given name as George.

1870 Federal Census – George W. Poythress Family

1880: Robert Lee Poythress and family are living in Baldwin, Chatham County, North Carolina — just to the southwest of Chapel Hill.  Robert Lee is 16.

1880 Federal Census – George W. Poythress Family

1900: Olive Daniel Poythress – Son of Robert Lee Poythress and Nancy Josephine (Daniel) Poythress, both born in North Carolina.

1900 Federal Census – Robert Poythress Family

Lineage Study Last Updated: October 5, 2017

Olive Daniel (“O.D.” or “Red”) Poythress, a 1915 graduate of Elon College, served as pastor of the South Norfolk Christian Church for four decades starting October, 1915.  His burial location, immediate family members, brief biography and a college-era photo are documented on the Find A Grave website.

A review of Elon College yearbooks during his years of study suggests he was intellectually engaged, athletic, a strong debater and student leader.  He is pictured below — standing on far left side.

Photo of Reverend O.D. Poythress from mid 1950s at a high school graduation ceremony.