Early Poythress surname references in Gloucestershire

Note: The following is a first look at possible Poythress surname references in GLOUCESTERSHIRE

Reference Surveys:

‘The Military Survey of Gloucestershire, 1522’, Edited by R.W.Hoyle

‘Historical Monumental and Genealogical Collections relative to the county of Gloucester’ from the original by Ralph Bigland Edited by Brian Frith.

Documents Checked

 D556 /T2 Poytress / Poydresse John, Newent, 1649

– withdrawn from record Office, reason not known!

GDR B4/1/1807 Diocesan records – Court papers

1722 Sarah Poytress, Newent, adultery

2 documents – but in Latin!! Beyond me, I’m afraid, I shall have to brush up on it – how’s your Latin? – I could probably get photocopies if needed

GDR B4/2/P86 Diocesan Records – Consistory Court

Probate Causes

1804 Thomas Poytres, Tirley

Presumably to do with his will, or his wanting part of someone else’s will.

GDR B4/1/901 Diocesan records – Court papers

1602 Joan Hodges v Rich. Pewtres, Dymock – Defamation

Did she charge him with defamation or vice versa?

D2080 Sales Documents:

1806 Mrs Ann Poytress, Tirley

Property of Livestock, implements and Effects

No more details here, no reference to property.

D2957 Vol. 4: P1088 212(136)

15 October 1705

Conveyance of property …… just mentions that the property in question is next to the tenement and lands of James Pewtres.

Documents not yet checked:

Wills (1858-):

John Poytress, Gloucester 1888

Henry Poytress, 1922

Hilkiah(?) Poytress, 1922

Wills (1801-1858)

Ann Poytress/Poytriss(A), widow, of Tirley, 1808 (46)

Thomas Poytriss(A), Tirley, butcher, 1803 (79)

Wills (1660-1800)

John Pewtris, Gloucester, 1759 [127]

John Pewtris, Gloucester, 1773 [130](6)

Wills (1541-1650)

Joan Pewtresse (missing) 1584 [70]

Henrye Pewtresse, Dymock, 1584 [37]

Thomas Pewtres, Dymock, 1589 [153]

Thomas Pewtres, Dymock, 1592 [192]

Thomas Pewderas, Kempley, 1599 [142]

The numbers in brackets are just the reference numbers for each will. I had a quick look at one of the earlier wills (1500s) – it was in old English! I would hope to be able to interpret it, as long as it is legible, given time – my old English skills are slightly better than my Latin – but still rusty!

Marriage Licences Index: GDR Q3 1700-1837

Sarah Poythres, 9 Jan 1722/23, Newent, Q3/37 Sworn before surrogate

Charles Poytress, 4 Feb 1807, Tirley, Q3/87 p212

Christopher Poytress, aged 24, 21 Sep 1708, Newent, Q3/27 f17

Henry Poytresse, aged abt 24, 5 Sep 1720, Tetbury, Q3/36 p.25

Sarah Poytriss, 25 Mar 1768, Tirley, Q3 / 64 p4

Thos. Poytress, 3 Nov 1770, Tirley, Q3/65 p.39

(I wonder if that Tetbury should have been Tirley?)


‘The Military Survey of Gloucestershire, 1522’, Edited by R.W.Hoyle

‘All male inhabitants of the parish were to muster and have recorded the value of their goods, their possession of weapons and armour and their fitness to serve in war.’

Leadington in Dymock:

aThomas Pewteras 26s 8d bow, arrows & dagger

Roger Pewteras 20s

Richard Pewteras glaive, dagger

The a preceding Thomas’ name indicates that he was ‘able’ in the sense of a man fit or able to undertake military service.

‘Historical Monumental and Genealogical Collections relative to the county of Gloucester’ from the original by Ralph Bigland Edited by Brian Frith.


Mary, Wife of John Pewtris, Daughter of Walter & Sarah Clevely

Died 19 Jan 1750 Aged 39

Bromesberrow: (Now Bromsberrow)

William Pewtris Died 11 Jun 1720 Aged 42

Elizabeth his Daughter Died 25 Mar 1739 Aged 27

Esther, Wife of the late William Pewtris

Died 29 Sep 1747 Aged 68


Betty, Wife of John Pewtriss Died 10 Mar 1738 Aged 39


Jane, Wife of William Poythress Died 2 Sep 1721 Aged 21

Preston by Ledbury:

William Peutris Died 11 Jun 1720 Aged 42

Elizabeth, his Daughter by Esther his wife

Died 25 Mar 1738 Aged 27

Esther, Wife of Wm Peutris Died 29 Sept 1747 Aged 68