Non-LVA Archive Collections With Poythress Surname References

Collection Name: Orde, James P.

Repository Name: The Huntington Library, San Marino CA
NUCMC Number: MS 81-75 Type: Letters Collection
Dates: 1740-1801, 1823-1842
Extent: 86 items

Description: Letters (1823-42) from Orde to artist George Perfect Harding commissioning him to copy portraits in English country houses for use in a work on John Evelyn. Acquired from Winifred Myers, 1972.

Index Terms: ART and artists; Artists’ papers; 19th century; 1820s and after EVELYN, John, 1620-1706

GREAT Britain; Cultural affairs; Art and artists; 19th century GREAT Britain; Historic houses and sites HARDING, George Perfect, d. 1853 HISTORIC houses and sites; Great Britain ORDE, James P. PORTRAITS POYTHRESS family; Genealogy


Collection Name: Wright-May-Thom family papers (1727, 1802-1965)
Repository Name: Maryland Historical Society, Manuscripts Division, Baltimore MD
NUCMC Number: MS 81-753
Extent: 19 boxes

Description: In part, transcripts. Business and personal correspondence, journals, accounts, bills, receipts, and other papers, of a Baltimore City and Queen Anne’s County, Md., family including William Henry DeCourcy Wright (1795-1864), Clintonia Wright May Thomas (1825-1902?), William May (ca. 1815-1861), and DeCourcy Wright Thom (1858-1932); and genealogical notes of DeCourcy W. Thom on the Barclay, Bennet, Bland, Brett, Brooke, Clayton, Courcy, DeCourcy, Fitzhugh, Hard, Jett, Keyser, Lea, Lewis, Massie, May, Mayo, Poythress, Rose, Smith, Tabb, Thom, Triplett, Warner, and Wright families. Includes material relating to William H.D. Wright’s work as U.S. consul in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1825-34, and William May’s service in the U.S. Navy aboard the frigates Congress and Constellation in the Mediterranean. Unpublished finding aid in the repository. Gift of Mrs. Ludlow H. (Anne Gordon) Baldwin, Baltimore, Md., 1979.


Collection Name: Hall, William Bonnell
Repository Name: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Library,
Manuscripts Dept. & Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill NC
NIDS Fiche Number: 3.115.348 row 1 Type: Collection
Collection Dates: 1812-1940 Extent: 6 boxes, 4 vols.

Index Terms: Anderson family Bland family Bolling family Bonnell family Briscoe family Childs family Cobb family Cocke family Elam family Eldridge family Elerbe family Genealogy; Alabama families Genealogy; South Carolina families Genealogy; Tennessee families Genealogy; Virginia families Hall family Hall, William Bonnell Munford family Pegues family Poythress family Stokes family University of Virginia; Students; Hall, William Bonnell University of the South; Students; Hall, William Bonnell Withers family


Collection Name: Bentley, Blanch Spurlock

Repository Name: Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville TN

NIDS Fiche Number: 3.39.15 NUCMC Number: MS 62-3522

Type: Papers Collection Dates: 1761-1942

Extent: ca. 300 items

Description: Historian. Correspondence, genealogical data, historical notes and sketches on McMinnville and Warren County, wills, indentures, a muster roll (1846) of Captain A. Northcut’s Company, maps, land notes, and memorabilia. Includes 16 letters from a soldier, identified as Cy Titus, of the 19th Regiment of Michigan Infantry, describing Sherman’s March through Georgia and South Carolina; and material on the Archer, Argo, Armstrong, Bentley, Black, Bolling, Bonner, Bostock, Branch, Coffee, Cunningham, Edmondson, Eldridge, Farrar, Fisher, Garretson, Gay, Goode, Gwyn, Harding, Heath, Henderson, Higgenbotham, Hoge, Laughlin, Lee, Loyd, Looney, McGee, Mitchell, Powell, Poythress, Rodgers, Rolfe, Rowan, Rust, Smartt, Sniper, Soane, Spurlock, Trent, Vaughan, Wilcher, Williams, Wilson, Woodson, and Worsham families. Unpublished register in the repository. Acquired from the estate of Sterling Brown, executor of the estates of Mrs. Bentley’s sons, Frank and Eldridge Bentley.


Collection Name: Cocke, William Ronald (1893-1968)

Repository Name: Virginia Historical Society, Richmond VA

NUCMC Number: MS 72-1791 Type: Papers

Collection Dates: 1924-1968

Extent: ca. 1030 items

Description: Author. Chiefly correspondence and genealogical notes on the Adams, Allen, Appleberry, Aston, Ayres, Bagby, Bernard, Bobby, Browning, Chamberlayne, Chastain, Cheatham, Chichester, Chick, Chiles, Clack, Cocke, Cross, Curd, Davis, Dickinson, Eldridge, Ellet, Epes, Fitzhugh, Ford, Fox, Freeland, Geddes, Gill, Graves, Haden, Hall, Henry, Hoomes, Hudson, Hughes, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kennon, King, Lane, Layne, Lee, Lewis, Lindsay, Mallory, Martin, Perkins, Pleasants, Poindexter, Power, Poythress, Price, Ragland, Randolph, Rhodes, Rodes, Shores, Skipwith, Smith, Snead, Sneed, Southerlin, Starke, Sutherland, Syme, Thomas, Tucker, West, White, Willis, Winfrey, and Winston families. Includes literary mss., reviews, and abstracts of Buckingham Co., Va., tax records (1782-1819). Collection has been analyzed by the repository. Gift of William Ronald Cocke, Erie, Pa., 1971.


Collection Name: Blow family

Repository Name: College of William and Mary, Earl Gregg Swem Library /

Manuscripts / Rare Books, University Archives, Williamsburg VA

NUCMC Number: MS 66-254 Type: Papers

Collection Dates: 1732-1890

Extent: 42,562 items

Description: Correspondence, account books, ledgers, and other papers from Tower Hill Plantation, Sussex Co., Va. Includes deeds to property made by the Indians; records of tobacco sales before 1755; letters recounting the difficulties with the Algerian pirates in 1794 and the yellow fever scare in Philadelphia (1802); lists of the white persons killed and Negroes executed in the Turner Rebellion of 1831; a typewritten history of the plantation with 31 drawings, by William Nivison Blow; and genealogical material on the Bland, Blow, Camm, Corbin, and Poythress families. Family members represented include Samuel Blow (fl. 1740), Richard Blow (fl. 1762), Michael Blow (fl. 1766), Richard Blow (fl. 1810), George Blow (fl. 1891), Robert Blow (fl. 1827), William N. Blow (fl.1850), Col. George Blow and George Blow, Jr., who served in the Civil War, and Lucy P. Blow (fl. 1890). Description listing each item available in the library. Open to investigators under restrictions accepted by the repository. Given and deposited by Mrs. Elizabeth B. Jurgenson, “Tower Hill”, Sussex Co., Va., Mrs. F. S. Sargeant, “Lock Haven”, Norfolk, Va., Mrs. George P. Blow, Yorktown, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jeffcott, Edgarton, Mass.