Feedback on the Poythress research pages from students and teacher working on family history project

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Hi Poythress family! I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your site, some savvy teens and I are getting a lot of use from it. Our after school program just started a family history project- we’re all very excited to start digging! In our search for research tools and info we stumbled onto your page here,’s been tough finding non-spammy sites for the kids so you have our thanks! We all agreed your page gave us some great ideas to get started- as a token of our thanks we wanted to share another resource with you that one of the our superstars Mia found. It’s a very detailed genealogy guide/article that has a lot of helpful info. Maybe you might even find it useful for your page? Let us know what you think: History at home genealogy guide- Hopefully you like it too! If you do decide to add it I’ll be sure to show Mia and the gang you liked her find. We also use Cyndi’s list a lot. I love sharing so if you have any needs or tips please feel free to pass them along. They say genealogy can be an addictive hobby, we’ll let you know if we get hooked! Thanks again and sorry if this got kind of long, I’m excited about this connection. :o) Cheers and well wishes, Elizabeth